New Book: Grounded in the Body, in Time and Place, in Scripture

New Book: Grounded in the Body, in Time and Place, in Scripture February 12, 2021

Grounded in The Body, in Time and Place, in Scripture:
Papers by Australian Women Scholars in the Evangelical Tradition

Edited by Jill Firth and Denise Cooper-Clarke

(ACT Monograph Series, forthcoming)

“In my bibliographies there are no women in the evangelical tradition, and no Australian women scholars.” This unique volume addresses this gap, with eighteen biblically rich and academically rigorous chapters by established and emerging Australian women scholars in the evangelical tradition. The authors consider our relationship with the land and indigenous peoples, neighborhood, embodiment, (dis)ability, abortion, leadership, work, architecture, the media, Song of Songs and domestic violence, Jeremiah and weaponized rape, and demonstrate recent methodologies such as a social identity reading of Exodus, sensory readings of Psalms and John’s Gospel, and discipleship readings of Mary and Martha and the woman at the well. A contemporary Kriol psalm and stories of pioneering Australian women theological students and teachers complete the volume. Valuable for students and teachers across Bible, Theology, Ministry, and Practice subjects, this book is an essential inclusion in any theological library.


an extraordinarily rich anthology of essays representing women’s voices on a broad range of topics … it would be a mistake to think this volume was written solely for women or for Australians

Lucy Peppiatt, Principal, Westminster Theological Centre, UK.

One of the most inspiring books I have read in a long time … I cannot overstate the timeliness, quality, and importance of this book

Graham Joseph Hill, Principal and Director of Research, Stirling Theological College

A feast for the soul, a thoroughly enjoyable read that will shape future conversations about women’s lives in Scripture and our modern world

Lynn H. Cohick, Provost and Professor of New Testament, Northern Seminary (from Jan 19, 2021)

Grounded showcases profound and practical theology at its best. A rich and rewarding read.

Brian Rosner, Principal of Ridley College, Australia.

A landmark collection … a great gift to the Australian church, and indeed to the wider nation

Meredith Lake, Author of The Bible in Australia: a cultural history

Informed by lived reality … Informative, stimulating, inspiring

Siu Fung Wu, Lecturer in New Testament Studies, Whitley College

Directly addressing weighty topics with clarity and thoughtfulness while doing so in a refreshing and personal way

Christa McKirland, Lecturer in Systematic Theology, Carey Baptist College, Auckland, Director of Logia

For the person who has everything. The perfect Christmas gift. A compendium of 18 papers by established and emerging Australian women scholars in the evangelical tradition. Pre-orders available soon, but books will not be available until Feb or March 2021.

Grounded in the Body, in Time and Place, in Scripture: Papers by Australian Women Scholars in the Evangelical Tradition. Edited by Jill Firth and Denise Cooper-Clarke


Brooke Prentis, ‘What Can the Birds of the Land Tell Us?’

Jude Long, ‘Grounded in Australia: Learning from our First Peoples’

Karina Kreminski, ‘Embodying Christ in the Neighborhood: A Reflection on Place, Home, and Mission’

Moyra Dale, ‘Purity: Guarding the Body Corporate’

Katherine M. Smith, ‘The Transformation of Israel’s Social Identity in the Book of Exodus’

Melinda Cousins, ‘Embodied Worship: The Psalms and the Senses’

Erin Martine Sessions, ‘“Descending from the Hills of Gilead”: Undressing Descriptions of the Lover’s Body, and How Australian Women Can Reclaim and Embrace Their Embodiment’

Jill Firth, ‘Desert Spring, Dead Dog Waterhole, Disappointment Creek: Is the God of the Book of Jeremiah Bad for Women?

Theresa Yu Lau, ‘Grounded in His Lordship: Mary, Martha, and Me’

Louise Gosbell, ‘Sensory Experience and the Gospel of John ‘

Deborah Storie, ‘At Jacob’s Well: Re-grounding the Samaritan Woman’

Tanya Riches, ‘“Wisdom Cries Out”: Towards a Feminist Pentecostal Theology of (Dis)ability’

Denise Cooper-Clarke, ‘Grounding Our Discussion of Abortion’

Enqi Weng, ‘Christianity in Contemporary Australian Media: “Get Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries”’

Elizabeth C. Culhane, ‘Grounded yet Wandering: Church Architecture, Space, and Place’

Kara Martin, ‘Grounded in Work as Christians’

Monica O’Neil, ‘Tethered between Reality and Aspiration: Grounding and Formative Practices for Australian Leaders’

Jill Firth, ‘Grandmothers of Intention: Women in Australian Theological Academia (1883–2003)

Carol Robertson, ‘Saam 151,’ (translated by Kate Beer)

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