May 16, 2011

Kenneth J. Stewart
Ten Myths About Calvinism: Recovering the Breadth of the Reformed Tradition
Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2011.
Available at

Ken Stewart is professor of theology at Covenant College. Stewart sets out to do the seeming impossible: explode common “myths” and misunderstandings about Calvinism and Reformed Theology. He deals with two sets of myths:

Four Myths Calvinists Should Not Be Circulating (But Are)

1. One Man (Calvin) and One City (Geneva) are Determinative.
2. Calvin’s View of Predestination Must Be Ours.
3. TULIP is the yardstick of the Truly Reformed.
4. Calvinists Take a Dim View of Revival and Awakening.

Six Myths Non-Calvinists Should Not Be Circulating (But Are)

5. Calvinism Is Largely Antimissionary.
6. Calvinism Promotes Antinomianism.
7. Calvinism Leads to Theocracy.
8. Calvinism Undermines the Creative Arts.
9. Calvinism Resists Gender Equality.
10. Calvinism Has Fostered Racial Inequality.

The conclusion concerns, “Recovering our Bearings: Calvinism in the Twenty-First Century”.

Overall a good read. I particularly liked the discussion of myths # 3 and 9.


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