Announcement: ExCommunications is Moving!

Announcement: ExCommunications is Moving! August 14, 2020

By Joe Omundson, ExCommunications editor 

It has been a privilege to manage Recovering from Religion’s blog here on Patheos for the last two years. Thank you so much for reading.

Given the rate at which people are leaving religion these days, RfR’s services are more necessary than ever; and we’re growing in response. Our volunteer community is getting stronger, we’ve come out with new programs like RfRx talks, and there are more developments to come.

I’m excited to announce our newest change: ExCommunications has found a new home on

Have a look at the new blog and see what you think!

I started posting some of my personal work to Medium last autumn, and by December I had the idea to move ExCommunications over there as well. Here’s why I think it’s a win-win for everyone:

Readers will enjoy the modern, clean, ad-free presentation. It’s easier to scroll back and find older stories that look interesting. Perhaps most importantly, Medium has many more readers than Patheos, so we should be able to widen our reach significantly.

Those who want to contribute their own stories to the blog still have the option to email me a draft at like we’ve been doing on Patheos. Or, they can write stories using their own own Medium account and submit them to the blog directly. This gives writers more control over the presentation of their stories, and offers them a chance to get connected into a bigger ecosystem of readers and writers.

For me, as an editor, it will be easier to find relevant content for the blog because Medium already has loads of writers publishing interesting and high-quality stories. Many of these stories would be a perfect fit for ExCommunications, and now I can ask authors to add their stories to our collection with just a few clicks. Medium’s interface for creating new posts is much simpler and faster to use, with integrated access to beautiful stock image options. I will also have the ability to email a newsletter to all of our followers directly rather than relying on Patheos’s automatic notifications.

As our readership grows on Medium, RfR has the potential to develop a useful income stream. As a non-profit organization that relies completely on donations, every bit of income helps us along on our journey.

In order for RfR to be eligible to earn money, we’re putting most of our stories behind Medium’s soft paywall. Anyone can access 3 articles for free every month, and for $5/month, you can access unlimited articles.

I know what it’s like to not have an extra $5/month to spare, so I can imagine this being frustrating for some. That’s why I’ve created a page on the blog containing free links to all of our articles that are behind the paywall. Simply scroll down the list and find the name of the article you want to read, and you will have unlimited free access.

In addition, if you follow RfR on social media, all links to articles will automatically bypass the paywall. Same goes for the links found in our newsletter (signup requires only a free Medium account, and we may include an email-address-only signup option later).

If you do decide to pay the $5/month for the premium membership, some of that money will go directly to support RfR and the other writers on our page. Personally, I think it’s a good value in general because there’s an unending stream of interesting perspectives to be explored on Medium.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new version of ExCommunications. This will be the last post on Patheos, but the old posts will be left in place for anyone who wants to go back and read them. I’m looking forward to seeing you over there! Thanks again!

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