Batman and Mother’s Day

Batman and Mother’s Day May 7, 2022
The abortion issue of the world brings to mind the issue of happiness. I should not be happy that people are angry or afraid because their legal right to have abortions may be taken away from them, but I am. I am happy that some people’s right to have a legal abortion could be taken away from them, but should I be?
I grew up watching X-Men the Animated Series on TV. My dad said that his favorite comic book superhero is Batman because he is, “Just a man, not an alien.” I guess he was comparing Superman and Batman. Those are two of the oldest comic book superheroes.

DC Comics intellectual property is just a man, only a man, or merely human; he is not otherworldly.

Batman fights crime with human strength, human ingenuity, and tools and technology, but he is weak like a human. His back can be broken, and he suffers from despair. When Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy was released into the wild, it was observed that the chaotic Joker put the population of Gotham in a predicament where one group of people was being asked to kill another group of people, otherwise both groups would die. The predicament was a form of torture. Fictional characters have been put in a predicament where they could escape death by dismembering themselves, or escape death by killing someone else, since the series of Saw movies (as far as I am concerned). That series of movies was called torture porn.
Curious people, and sick people, like to ask questions about the ethics of humanity. They propose a scenario where “the needs of the many are more important than the needs of the few, or the one.” They propose a scenario where they ask the question “is it ethical to kill these people over here to save your own life.” All of this happens after people are born, grow old, and gain experience.

I stopped watching new movies in theaters five years ago, but I started detaching from watching new movies on a regular basis over ten years ago. That does not mean I do not understand stories or have the ability to interpret their themes. I liked Batman version 2022 a lot.

I like Batman as a character because he is a crime fighter. I like Batman as an intellectual property because his story lines include the theme of justice. From my point of view, justice is eternal. We will always get what we deserve, even if we don’t know the direction from where it comes. The theme of justice is intellectual, but we can see it in behavior, and we can hear people complain about justice and injustice because they don’t understand the direction it is coming from. So, intellectual things are still visible in the universe.
Human beings do not fully understand justice because of ignorance, and I am one of them, but I can speak about the spirit of justice if I want to.
People being given a choice who lives and who gets killed is as old as time, because life and death is at stake when capital crimes are the subject. I heard shoplifters/ thieves could be dismembered (hand chopped off) if they were caught stealing in the past. I suppose justice was swift in the “Old West”. We can know God now, but we did not know God one million years ago, or ten thousand years ago. Spiritual, intellectual, and bodily evolution has taken place because of our thoughts on God, morality, justice, and mercy. Modern writers can write stories that feature mutants (good or evil), or corrupt politicians, disenchanted populations of people, aliens, or federations of planets facing moral conundrums.

Batman is a fictional superhero fighting crime written by human beings. He is subject to despair because he can feel like he is fighting for a lost cause.

On the most basic level, fertile biological females have been fighting for their lives when they get pregnant since the beginning of time. Fertile biological females have been asked to make a moral decision the moment they knew they were pregnant. Otherwise, everybody is fighting for their lives even if they cannot become pregnant. A woman can become pregnant on purpose or by accident, much like we can think the universe began in a random big bang, or God created heaven and earth. I can think Christ is the King of the Universe. So, fertile biological females have been choosing life or death and having direct experience with their personal God, justice, and mercy, since the beginning of time. They have been complaining about their baby daddy not caring about their well-being since the beginning of time. They have been worried about being pregnant in a world that did not think of their well-being until the modern era. That’s where sexual and reproductive health and rights enter the big picture. We can lay it all out on the table now that medical science and technology has gone where it is.

I do think about how passionately pro-choice men, women, and children and their personal pronouns must feel while federally legal abortion is being reviewed and status may be changed.

I will always argue that the pro-choice politics beings at birth control. I suppose all sexually active women and girls are on birth control. I am thinking of your happiness. So, they can still be sexually active and there is no loss of freedom there. There is no loss of the joy of sex there. if abortion becomes Federally illegal there will be a loss of the joy of the freedom women have when they do get pregnant. I am thinking of your happiness. “There will be” indicates a future good or future evil.

Pregnant women have babies sometimes.

Pregnant women have been choosing life or death since the beginning of time, and all extreme moral decisions basically begin there. From there, modern writers can imagine all kinds of forms for the same matter to be shown to viewers. I want to bring it back to the woman that gave birth to us all. It’s almost as if the song lyrics “He has the whole world in his hands” was written for a mother to be.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Legal rights to have abortions will not be taken away from women, will it? The States will be given rights to manage the abortions that take place within their boundaries, so people can cross state lines to get an abortion if they want to. That’s freedom.
I was thinking of my own happiness earlier when I asked, “should I be happy that other people are afraid or angry (because of what has just been written).” Well, other people will be afraid and angry about individual states rights to manage abortions, but their anger and fear is required to achieve “all righteousness,” just like, “I work out my salvation in fear and trembling.”

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