About the Author: Teresa Devine

Patheos Fabric of Faith Column by Teresa Devine

Teresa Devine is former Fortune 500 Executive helping busy Christians amplify their spiritual growth and impact. She is the CEO of Teresa Devine Co. LLC and creator of 24/7 Purpose® Academy. Teresa is a 4x certified Christian coach. She is also a Christian writer, and professional Christian speaker.

As a floundering Christian for decades, Teresa searched for ways to foster Christian development. After coming up short, she created a proven method to help activate and amplify spiritual development for the busiest Christians.

Teresa has helped numerous people get unstuck and on track from folks in addiction recovery to Fortune 500 Company Executives and everyone in between.

Fabric of Faith promotes self-reflection aligned with practical ways to weave Christianity into daily life. With an emphasis on career and the workplace, Teresa brings a unique perspective as a former corporate executive you won’t want to miss.

To learn more, visit TeresaDevine.com.