What would Jesus Drive?

What would Jesus Drive? April 11, 2011

Do you remember those WWJD bracelets in the 90’s?  Yep, I had one too… Who would have thought that such a small bracelet would catch on like crazy among youth groups and people all over the world?

I haven’t seen one of those bracelets in years, but I think I’ve found a way to revive the WWJD.  I hope you didn’t throw your bracelet away, because I’m officially starting the What Would Jesus Drive event.  Just think, thousands of old forgotten bracelets can be dusted off and turned into a useful keychain that will inspire us to drive a car with our convictions in mind.

I’m kidding.

But if I had to guess what Jesus would drive, here would be my thought process:

Mid-Size Messiah Mobile

The Ford Fusion sounds like a modest car for a messiah.  Not too luxurious, but not your run of the mill Taurus or Focus.  I’d like to think Jesus would enjoy the SYNC while riding around with his bros (Peter, James, and John of course).  But, in all honesty, he needs something a little bigger if he’s going to drive other people around. 

The Spirit Filled SUV

Now we’re talking.  If Jesus had access to a Chevy Suburban, he could haul around almost all of his disciples, have room for baskets of fish, and even tow Simon’s boat on the way to the lake! But, he’d still need another ride for the rest of his crew, and with gas prices as high as they are today, it would get a little too expensive pretty quickly.

The Mercy Seat Motorcycle

Think about it.  Jesus liked to spend quiet time alone, and what better way can you think of besides a solo ride on the open road to Damascus?  It’d be the first motorcycle ministry ever!  But a motorcycle isn’t really that practical, especially if you have tools and equipment back from your days in construction.

Jesus Would Drive a Ford F150

Here’s why. 

  1. He was in construction before his ministry started and having a pickup truck complete with toolboxes and a fifth wheel would let Jesus tackle any project on his ministry trips.
  2. He could still drive a friend or two in the cab.
  3. It’d be easy to tow Simon’s boat to the lake on their off days.
  4. Why Ford? I just like them best, but Jesus might go for a Silverado too – I don’t think he’d get caught up with the specs.

Of course, he would probably pay cash and buy pre-owned too.

So in your opinion, what would Jesus drive?

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