What’s Your Mustard Seed Doing?

What’s Your Mustard Seed Doing? June 27, 2011

Under the right conditions, a mustard seed can germinate in 3 to 10 days.  That’s pretty fast when you think about it!  Actually, mustard is a plant that usually emerges rapidly and then grows at a slow and steady pace.  In roughly 3 months, mustard usually reaches a mature state.

Fully grown mustard plants are usually 30 to 45 inches tall, not a bad feat for being such a small seed!  It’s amazing to think how such a small seed can grow into a tall plant in a pretty quick amount of time.

You’ve probably heard or read the parable of the mustard seed where Jesus is comparing the Kingdom of Heaven to a mustard seed.  He was using it as an illustration to share how the gospel message can and would spread throughout the world from such a small number of people hearing his words.  Another mustard seed example encouraged people to exercise faith because a small amount can move mountains.  His point was that nothing is impossible with God.

I like to read these stories, but thought about the mustard seed in a slightly different way.  Here’s my thought: everyone has a mustard seed, which represents your time, talent, efforts, priorities and goals.  We can choose to waste it, leave it in the package and complain that we don’t have enough, or plant it.  I hope you plant yours.

I know, I know.  You’re afraid of the weeds.  How can your dream grow with so many weeds out there?  What if your seed gets blown away?  What if it doesn’t get enough rain?  What if someone another plant is growing faster than you?  What if? What if?

It’s hard to tell what might happen, but I can guarantee one thing:  If you don’t plant your seed, you won’t watch it grow at all.

So what’s your mustard seed doing?  Have you been waiting to plant it because of fear or uncertainty?  I’d encourage you to start small and see where your passion takes you.  You might not see results in 5-10 days like the tiny mustard seed, but with commitment, you can slowly grow and start to see results.

I hope you take advantage of today and look for ways to plant your mustard seed!

Image Credit aidan morgan

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