3 Lessons For Daily Life

3 Lessons For Daily Life September 28, 2011

The words “Lessons for Daily Life” sit above Proverbs chapter six.  It’s a small chapter, but full of wisdom.  I pulled three lessons shared here, but I’d encourage you read through the entire chapter for even more insights and wisdom.

1. Don’t Overextend Your Wallet

The Bible encourages generosity, but it is very careful to warn us about extending credit to others as well as getting into debt ourselves.  Signing loans for others is discouraged because it can ruin relationships and turn friends into enemies – it’s that simple.

Regarding our own finances, just because we can access credit doesn’t mean that we should use it.  We become enslaved to debt when we take on loans and purchase things on credit.  So before you think about buying something on credit, ask yourself if you’re making a decision that aligns with the wisdom found in Proverbs chapter six.

2. Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute

Solomon brings up the ant again in this lesson, stressing that we can’t live a life of procrastination and expect to prosper.  Whenever I wait until the last minute to do something, I almost always regret it.  I will either have to work harder or make up for it later because I was too lazy to act earlier.

3. Keep Honest and Build Up Others

Why on earth would anyone waste their time by stirring up trouble?  The Bible says those who do will be destroyed suddenly.  Why?  Think of it as building a house with straw.  You can use your energy to lay pieces of straw in a way that creates a wall, but as soon as wind comes by, it’ll blow over.  You’re much better off in using your energy to build up that structure with sticks or rock.

The same is true for building up others.  If we’re constantly trying to stir up dissention, it’s like we’re the guy building the wall with straw.  But if we look for ways to build up others, we create a solid structure that we can lean on when the winds come.  You can’t do that with dishonesty and dissention.  Your time can be used to tear down others or build them up – it’s your choice!

Have you read the Proverbs lately?  Did you find any life lessons that challenged you?

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