How Much Does the President Make Each Year?

How Much Does the President Make Each Year? November 28, 2011

Ever wonder what the president of the United States makes?  The figure might actually surprise you.  The commander in chief of the United States makes $400,000 each year.  What’s interesting is that the salary of the president was $200,000 from 1969 to 2001 when it changed to its current level.  Adjusted for inflation, the $200,000 salary I 969 would be equal to $1,175,773 a year today.

Historical Presidential Salaries

1949 – 1969:  $100,000

1909 – 1949:  $75,000

1873 – 1909:  $50,000

1789 – 1873:  $25,000

Presidential Perks

Don’t feel sorry for the president too soon.  :) While his salary stops at $400,000, the presidential perks don’t.  As president, you’ll enjoy:

  • $50,000 annual expense account
  • $100,000 nontaxable travel account
  • $19,000 entertainment account
  • All the amenities of living in the White House (personal chefs, housekeeping, fleet of vehicles and planes)

Total Compensation: $569,000

All in all, the president can spend over a half million dollars each year.  While this is certainly impressive for most of us, the net worth of the president is far above the salaries they receive each year.  The presidential salary pales in comparison to the amount of money you can make from speaking engagements, book deals and other opportunities that come from being a past president.

Post Presidential Perks

When you’re done being the president, you receive a pension that’s currently set at $191,300 per year.  You’ll also get a travel account as well as free mailing privileges as long as you’re alive.

Don’t Forget the Vice President’s Salary

As the Vice President of the Untied States, you’ll receive $208,000 as well as $10,000 annually for expenses.

What do you think about the presidential salary?  Is it too much?  Too little?  If you were President, would you require a higher salary?

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