Totally Money Carnival | Building Wealth Edition

Totally Money Carnival | Building Wealth Edition December 5, 2011

We’re happy to host the Totally Money Blog Carnival on Faith and Finance. If you not familiar with a blog carnival, it’s basically a list of great articles from other finance websites. Read through the description of the article and check out a few!

You definitely want to read through these articles. We’ll call them the editor’s choice.  

FMF presents The Complete Guide To Building Wealth In Two Sentences posted at Free Money FinanceThe truth behind wealth building is public domain knowledge, simple to understand, and nobody is going to get rich selling it you.

Echo presents 11 Steps To Financial Freedom: Create Your Final Plan posted at Boomer & EchoThe final step in our 11 steps to financial freedom series where we create our complete financial plan for the future.

Kevin McKee presents Is a Small Business the Key to Being Wealthy posted at ThousandaireLearn from my experiences on what it takes to be wealthy. Is it better to own a company or work for a large corporation?


Michael presents Who’s watching your money? The MF Global Collaspe posted at Begging To Retire.  Learn a very big lesson here and always have an eye on your money; no matter where it’s invested.

Suba presents Year End Financial Planning Checklist posted at Wealth Informatics.  This time of the year is an excellent time to check your financial state and make changes. I have included a handy checklist and a calendar to have a “wealth checkup” in all areas of finances.

Karen Bryan presents Show Your Money Who’s Master posted at Help Me To Save.  Ensure that you’re in control and that your money is working for you.

Aloysa presents The Best Things in Life Should Not Cost You a Thing posted at My Broken Coin.  Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on life, time, relationship and family. I asked myself one very simple question that was asked by humans a gazillion times. Can money really buy happiness?

Squirrelers presents Financial Motivation: What Really Drives You to Save? posted at Squirrelers.  We all have our different motivators for saving, among them being fear, aspiration, benevolence. Which one really drives your interest in saving?

Jim presents What Is A Good Credit Score? posted at Bargaineering.  It’s easy to get all worked up about credit scores but what exactly is a good score? What does it affect and why does it matter? We discuss.

Marie presents Manage Your Debts with a Debt Consolidation Loan posted at Money Spending Mommy.  Consolidation loans are simply loans that are taken out to pay off several other debts. They’re often used to bring together the balances of several credit cards, but the proceeds may be put toward other debts as well.

Paula @ Afford Anything presents Surprising Research Reveals How to Be Happier posted at Afford Anything.  Money is indirectly tied to happiness through the lens of your ‘freedom to choose,’ according to a team of researchers.


Don presents Frugally Saving Money By Taking Advantage Of A Very Unusual Opportunity posted at Money Reasons.  Do you see dollar signs when you see roadkill along side of the road? I knew a guy that did, and this is his story.

Miranda @ Financial Highway presents 45 Ways to Save Money posted at Financial Highway.  Do you want to start your own business and make a little extra money? It can seem daunting at first, since there are so many others out there trying to get something started. Here are 4 creative business ideas that can help you get started.

Jason presents Hacking a NookColor posted at Live Real, Now.  If you want to get the biggest tablet-bang for you buck, here’s now to hack a Nook color into an unrestricted Android tablet, without voiding the warranty.

Peter presents Doing Your Own Repairs Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars. Discover Your Inner DIY Handyman posted at Bible Money Matters.  I recently decided that I really had to become at least a little more handy and figure out how to do some basic home repairs. The reason? Why should I be paying huge fees to professionals to fix things for me when the most of the problems are things even an amateur like myself can correct?

Lazy Man presents I’ve Finally Ditched My Cable Box and Cable Modem Rental Fees. posted at Lazy Man and Money.  For some time I’ve been writing about ending my cable box rental fees, but I haven’t been able to pull the trigger.

Miss T. presents Accepting Social Invitations without Overspending posted at Prairie Eco Thrifter.  If you’ve previously been feeling that you need to decline social invitations because you don’t have the cash to fritter away, stop hiding away! Here are some tips for spending time with friends that don’t need to cost a small fortune.

YFS presents Lessons from Frugal Billionaires posted at YourFinancesSimplified.  YFS provides insight on lessons you can learn from famous frugal billionaires.

Philip presents Using Angie’s List for Auto Service posted at PT Money Personal Finance.  Car salesmen and mechanics are two of the least trusted professions. I just have a hard time placing my full trust in them. It’s also possible that I have an unreasonable understanding of what it should cost to maintain a car past 100,000 miles.


Roshawn Watson presents Are You Your Portfolio’s Biggest Enemy posted at Watson Inc.  Despite the increasingly lauded financial literacy programs, investors are struggling with two primary problems: their own nature and a well-polished Wall Street machine that loves ignorant investors.

Darwin presents Surprise! Here’s how the ROI on Your Real Estate Investment Can Crumble AFTER You Buy It posted at Darwin’s Money.  Just when you thought you’d heard every story about a real estate investment gone wrong, here’s an entirely new genre to sink your teeth into. See what happened to this ROI right after closing!

Eric J. Niasll presents Emotions and Investing Do Not Mix posted at Doll.  Do you know why you make the investment choices that you do? Keeping track may be of great help in making more sound financial and investing decisions.

Hank presents Four Places to Find Great Stocks to Invest In posted at Money Q & A.  One of the biggest complaints that I often hear is that people do not know which stocks to invest their hard earned money in. Here are four easy ways to find great stocks.

Andrew presents Centavos Dividend Portfolio: Uptrend Update posted at 101 Centavos.  The market popped a bit yesterday, and what better time to post a dividend portfolio update? Find out how my portfolio is doing.


Glen Craig presents Occupy Movement Protests: A Revolution or a Waste of Time? posted at Free From Broke .  What are these Occupy Protests, what are they protesting, and what have they accomplished so far? People seem pretty divided over the Occupy movement, either supporting or hating it.

Kay Lynn presents Greed and Violence: A Black Friday Tradition? posted at Bucksome Boomer.  With a record $52.4 billion spent over the long weekend, it appears Black Friday was a retail success. We should all be happy that consumers are loosening the purse strings after several years. But here’s a dark side that overshadows the good news about this annual event.

Cash Flow Mantra presents The Movie “In Time” and Occupy Wall Street posted at Cash Flow Mantra.  Had I not known that the movie In Time had to start filming last year, I would have sworn that it was written with the Occupy Wall Street movement as its primary backer.


Erika presents My Biggest Financial Mistake posted at Newlyweds on a Budget.  I have always been responsible with money. Until one year, when the need to keep up with the Joneses surpassed my need for financial security.

Kevin presents How to Find the Home of Your Dreams posted at Invest It Wisely.  When we first started home shopping, I thought we’d look at different places, eventually fall in love with one and decide to go for that. The reality was actually somewhat different!

Jon the Saver presents When Financial Secrecy Might Not Be a Good Idea posted at Free Money Wisdom.  It’s easy enough to see why we don’t want other people to know too much about our financial affairs—too much income and assets and other people might resent us; too much debt and poor credit and they might judge us. Who wouldn’t want to avoid that?

Justin presents What Is the Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt? posted at Money Is the Root.  Most people assume that any type of debt is bad and that the ultimate goal should be to have no debt at all. However, not all debt is bad. As a matter of fact, there are many types of debt that are excellent for your credit and financial well-being.

D.J. presents Tips for Successful Budgeting at Christmas posted at The Family Wallet.  Before Christmas gets here, sit down and create a plan. Figure out how much you have to spend and how you’re going to spend it. You’ll be prepared and ready for a stress free holiday season.

Sustainable PF presents Family Finances posted at Sustainable Personal Finance.  Who handles your family finances? Is it just one person or is it a joint effort? When it comes to the personal financial plan for a family, there are many ways to approach managing the budget.

Paul Vachon presents Gap Insurance – What is It? and Do I Need it? posted at The Frugal Toad.  When you purchase a new vehicle the minute you drive it off the lot the value of the vehicle depreciates, up to 30% depending on the make and model. If you purchase a vehicle and finance it with less than 20% down you just might be upside down the minute you drive your new vehicle off the lot. Gap Insurance covers this negative equity balance.

Pat S presents Psychology Test for Credit Card Rewards posted at compounding returns.  Are you psychologically capable of using credit cards for the rewards? Some are, some aren’t…


Corey presents Alternative Plans For Financial Independence posted at Money Reasons.  Don’t stick with just one plan for financial independence! Who knows, perhaps Plan B will get you there instead!

Ashley presents 10 Ways to Stay Poor Forever posted at Money Talks Coaching.  Here’s the top 10 ways to stay poor… forever.

SB presents How to decorate your home with used furniture posted at One Cent at a Time.  This is reader story on how a couple decorated their home with used furniture and show pieces. Get inspired, stay focused and save some money when you are on a strict budget. Often only minor fixes work great on old furniture and could your home a very fresh and fine look.


Daniel presents Why You Shouldn’t Do What You Love for a Career posted at Sweating the Big Stuff.  Making money is great, but a lot of people say that if you love what you’re doing, you’re in an even better position. I argue with that and will make a convincing argument that doing what you love for a living could be a bad thing.


Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey presents Money-Saving Travel and Flight Apps posted at My Personal Finance Journey.  This post introduces several smart-phone travel apps or online resources, from currency converters to monitoring how much one spent on vacation, in order to help consumers save money on their various travel needs.

Marissa presents Free personal finance software review posted at Thirtysixmonths.  A review of two of the best free personal finance softwares out there, Mint and Wave accounting, that can be used both for business and personal.

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