10 Last Minute Gift Ideas Under $25

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas Under $25 December 21, 2011

Hopefully you’ve done all your shopping for Christmas already.  If not, you still have a few days, but you’d better get on it quick!

Surprisingly, you can still order something online and get it by Christmas if you use Amazon Prime.  When you sign up for Amazon Prime, you get the option to have many items shipped with free 2 day delivery.  So if you’re still needing that last minute gift, you can hop on Amazon to order it and you should get it by Friday.

For some inspiration, here are 10 gifts that you can find for $25 or less.  (For even more inspiration, check out this list of 25 Christmas gifts from Jon at Free Money Wisdom.)

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas Under $25

French Press – I love a good cup of coffee and for that coffee lover in your family a French press is a must have. Bodum Brazil 8 Cup – $17

Buckycubes – These little magnets are super strong and really popular.   It’s kind of a fun gift for that hard-to-buy-for person.  Buckycubes – $24

A Book – Have a reader in your family.  Pick up this book Predictably Irrational – $11 or Nudge $11

DVD – Have a favorite TV series?  Pick up a season like Lost – $20, Seinfeld – $10, or Scrubs – $20

Magazine Subscription – Why not boost your money smarts with a subscription to Money Magazine for $15 or Kiplinger’s – $12

Classic Board Games – We love to play board games and have a few retro board games that are pretty fun.  Most of these are under $25 : Monopoly $23 Risk $23  Scrabble $17

iPhone or iPad app – You can gift apps for your tech savvy friends and family.  Check out the app Notability ($4.99) or Nike + running app ($1.99).

Texting Gloves – Yes, there is such a thing.  Agloves makes a glove that allows you to text while keeping your hands toasty.  Agloves Texting Gloves – $19.99

Gerber Shard Keychain – This lightweight keychain is airline safe and has a flat head, Philips screwdrivers, wire stripper, bottle opener, and pry bar.  For only $6.50, it’s a great stocking stuffer.  Gerber Shard Keychain $6.50

Dockers Wallet – It’s the perfect gift for Dad every year.  A nice Dockers wallet is about $20

What else would you add to this list for that last minute shopper?

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