Balancing Fun and the Budget on Vacation

Balancing Fun and the Budget on Vacation August 14, 2013

Going on vacation offers us the chance to relax and unwind – but some take it a little bit too far and throw all the rules out the window – including their budget rules! If you’re thinking of embarking on a vacation soon, think of this as a cautionary tale – and whatever you do, don’t skimp on insurance with an overly cheap vacation insurance policy. Get the right policy, e.g. travel insurance or extreme sports insurance.

Transportation Risks

If you normally wear a seatbelt in your vehicle at home, then why wouldn’t you on vacation? Anything can happen, and you’re at more risk in countries where the driving laws are more lax than those in the U. S. (which is highly likely, wherever you go in the world). Not only are you protecting your own life by wearing a seatbelt, you might be doing yourself a favor financially – especially if an accident causes serious financial strains because you weren’t wearing a seatbelt.

Budget Risks

No one likes to be the bad guy on the family vacation, so it’s tough to say no to spending more than you planned for. If you want to make a budget work, you need to stick to it – even on vacations.

Extreme Sports or Activities Risks

Many destinations offer a huge array of adrenaline rushes in the form of extreme sports and activities. From bungee jumping to paragliding, skydiving, deep sea diving, rock climbing, diving, you can usually take your pick. Be in the habit of checking out health and safety measures the company employs and its public liability insurance whenever you partake in a dangerous activity. Many people throw caution to the wind on vacation simply because they decide to do something on the spur of the moment. Don’t let your finances – or your health – be affected by dangerous activities.

Remember: Whatever you decide to do on your vacation, make sure it doesn’t compromise your health, safety or budget!

What are some ways you keep your budget in line while on vacation? How do you minimize risks to your health and budget? Leave a comment!

This article was a guest post, and was originally published on September 2, 2011.

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