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Want to write for Faith and Finance?

Faith and Finance is a community of readers who are serious about paying down debt, building wealth, and applying Biblical principles of stewardship. Writers who partner with Faith and Finance need to provide articles that will help our readers do just that!  If you’re up for the challenge, keep reading!

Why Write for Faith and Finance?

For those just starting to blog, it can be discouraging to post articles day after day and get little response.  When you write for Faith and Finance, you can expect our loyal readers to interact and engage in discussions on almost every post.  See for yourself with some of these popular articles:

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So How Can I Write for Faith and Finance?

We’re thrilled you asked. :) We have two groups of writers: guest writers and regular contributors.

Guest Writers

Do you have an article idea that you think our readers would enjoy?  If you’re looking for exposure to more readers for your personal blog, or if you’re a regular Faith and Finance reader and you want to share your thoughts on a topic, consider writing a guest post.

You can submit a guest posts to us by copying it into an email and sending it to write[@]faithandfinance.org.   Be sure to provide a couple sentence bio-line so that we can put it at the beginning of the article. Also include your blog link if you have one. No commercial links are allowed. (Guest posts must follow the article requirements below.)

If you enjoy writing and want to become a regular contributor, read on!

Regular Contributors

If you love to write and want to be a regular contributor for Faith and Finance, let us know by submitting a guest article.  Our editorial team will individually select regular contributors based on guest article submissions and offer the opportunity to write on a regular basis for Faith and Finance.

Perks for Regular Contributors

  • Get paid to write!  Yep, we want to create awesome content for our readers and will pay for each article you write.
  • Bio under article.  You’ll have a bio box with a picture and link back to your blog, Facebook page and twitter name if desired.
  • Each article you write can have up to 2 links to articles in your blog.

Contributor Requirements:

  • In order to be a regular contributor, you must be a committed Christian and believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God.
  • You should be able to write at least two articles each month.
  • You must agree to the article requirements below.

Article Requirements

  • It must be original content – not published anywhere else.
  • Aim to write 600-1000 words for an article.
  • Up to 2 links back to your site – must be approved by our editorial team.
  • Provide a couple sentence bio-line so that we can put it at the beginning of the article. Also include your website link if you have one.
  • Feel free to link to your article once it’s published.
  • You can submit your article to social media sites.
  • You are releasing the rights to your article when you submit to Faith and Finance. Please ask before reposting the article on your blog.