Franklin Graham says Attempted Rape Doesn’t Matter

Franklin Graham says Attempted Rape Doesn’t Matter September 21, 2018

Franklin Graham, son of the famous evangelist Billy Graham and on of the Trump’s most vocal evangelical supporters, implied in an interview this week that he thinks attempted rape doesn’t matter. Graham is president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, an international relief organization.

Franklin Graham Interview on CBN

Asked by a Christian Broadcast Network reporter what he thought about the attempted rape allegations against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh, Graham said that what Kavanaugh did as a teenager is simply “not relevant.”

He then added “the woman said ‘no’ and he walked away.” The reporter clarified that the Ms. Ford’s claim was actually that she said no and she had to “flee the situation.”

Graham’s easy dismissal of rape charges against a nominee to the highest court carries disturbing implications for our democracy.

Most important for faith communities, Graham’s remarks carry heavy implications for American morality, the Christian faith and well being of our children. The easy dismissal of sexual violence against women perpetuates violence. It signals rape is acceptable. And it makes all of our children, girls and boys alike, vulnerable to sexual violence.

Faith communities have long been remiss in educating their flocks about sexual violence as evidenced by scandals now rocking both Catholic and evangelical institutions. The widespread nature of sexual violence, even in faith communities, can’t be denied or ignored. Christian leaders have a moral responsibility to condemn Graham’s response and educate their congregations.

Our children are growing up in an America where the President of brags in a Hollywood Access tape about assaulting women. Now the head of one of the largest Christian charities in the nation, the son of the late Bill Graham, is minimizing an attempted rape charge. If we do not condemn attempted rape as immoral and abnormal then we make it the norm — we essentially condone it.

Graham’s interview is telling. First, he denies the importance of the allegations. Women have long been dismissed or penalized for coming forward. Then he appears to justify the alleged actions with a “boys will be boys” approach.” This normalizes violence against women. Last, he acts as though actions committed long ago do not speak to character. If true, Kavanaugh didn’t cross the line by trying to have sex as a teenager – he tried to rape someone.  He committed a felony.

Table from Broken Silence 2.0

A recent study commissioned by Sojourners, We Will Speak Out and IMA World Health revealed that 90 percent of pastors report that they have encountered domestic or sexual violence situations in their work as pastors. Yet only 45 percent feel that they have adequate training on how to respond. As Eugene Hung concludes in his reflection on these results, “If almost every pastor will encounter this type of violence, then every pastor must be trained on how to respond.”

Fortunately Graham does not speak for all Christians. Many religious leaders are calling on the public to take allegations against Kavanaugh seriously, including evangelical women like Rachael Denhollander who led hundreds of women to speak out against former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar. Denhollander tweeted: “I’m watching it again. Conservatives, you are yelling from the rooftops that you don’t care what the truth is, and you aren’t safe, and you’ll attack a victim any time it would cost you to care. And that’s shameful,” she wrote. “You can, and should, do better.”

If we remain silent at such a time as this, we are complicit. The good news is that we are in a position to make a difference. So let’s make it happen.

Edited to add: Faith in Public Life is circulating a statement, already signed by hundreds of faith leaders, supporting the survivors of sexual violence and calling on the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh to be fully investigated before his nomination goes forward. I hope you can join us in signing as well.

About Rev. Jennifer Butler
Jennifer is the founding Executive Director of Faith in Public Life and the former chair of the White House Council on Faith and Neighborhood Partnerships. You can read more about the author here.
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  • Chris Allen

    15 hours ago (at the time I first wrote this), a friend posted a simple meme question in support of #WhyIDidntReport:

    “How old were you the first time you were molested/raped?”

    In those 15 hours, she has gotten 61 replies from friends.

    Of those 61 replies, only around 4-5 of them said “Never” or “I can’t remember” or didn’t give an age reply.

    Of all the rest, approximate 56 people or so, nearly all of them gave an age that was 12 or under; 2-3 said 16, and a couple gave an adult age. While more respondents were women, a good number of men answered as well.

    Of those who gave an age of 12 or less, the majority of them were age 7 or younger.


    Yes this is anecdotal evidence… but evidence on a topic that people tend NOT to tell about or talk about publicly. Yes there is some statistical bias involved because this friend is very open-minded and is likely to have a lot of open-minded friends who may be less afraid to speak up, so yes, the stated results may “show more than an average poll.” But bear in mind, the average poll may get false negatives from people who *were* molested as children but still aren’t “out” and will say “no” when the answer really was “yes.”

    And when a group of people who feel safe enough to admit it happened to them and just type a number with no other details (some did give more details) give such a large number of responses indicating they were molested or raped as children… Houston, we really do have an epidemic problem with child abuse in this country, as well as rape/abuse of adults… and yet, so many people *still* want to pretend it isn’t widespread, that it’s only done by strangers, that it “only happens in trashy families or with inattentive parents letting it happen to their kids,” or “I don’t know anyone it’s happened to.”

    YES YOU DO. Statistically, you simply cannot go through this life and NOT know someone who was molested/raped as a child… and the odds are very high that you know MANY who were. Some of them WILL be your closest friends, your family, your teammates, your co-workers, your siblings, your children.

    But with most of them, you just don’t know it.

    For some of them, they may have forced themselves to bury it so deeply in their past, they have blocked the memories… and until they are able to access those memories, they have no real idea what the source is for their depression, anxiety, and/or other mental conditions.

    But a lot of people DO remember it… but have been shamed and brow-beaten into not telling a soul, or when they tried to tell, they got that result or worse, or they even went through a process involving police, courts, etc. and the end result was nothing done, or minimal done, to the abuser/rapist.

    We need to wake up. We need to stop insisting that “the number of abusers is actually small, statistically,” or that “it’s always strangers,” or “it would never happen to my kid.”

    We need to realize that it IS widespread, and it CAN happen to anyone, and we DO know many people it was done to—and we need to change how we deal with this issue in our laws, our courts, our society.

    I could rattle off case after case where abusers/rapists were given a slap on the wrist or never went to prison, or where kids were put back into care or contact with their abuser. DuPont family where a child molester/rapist wasn’t put in prison “because he wouldn’t fare well there.” Johnson family, where the molester/rapist of his own kids was given a short sentence, probation, and a paltry fine for someone worth millions. And the multiple older rapists, the numerous Brock Turners, who were excused, who had their futures considered, but not their victims’ futures, in how they were dealt with. A recent case where a man raped and choked a woman with a belt, and again, was given probation and a slap on the wrist by the judge because of a plea bargain and the judge “believing the man has learned better now, and is low-risk.”

    Plea bargains. Badly-written laws. A good ol’ boy system. You name it, they’re all involved in how this is handled.

    This is what we have to change, along with our pitiful response TO victims, to survivors, when they need help and support to deal with the horrific things that were done to them.

    I have to wonder: just how much of the violence, relationship problems, mental health conditions, etc. in our society go back to so many of us having been molested/raped as children, and also the ongoing damage of not being believed, not being listened to, and/or actually being *punished* for trying to tell?

    How many people out there struggle with extra burdens, extra issues, because their personality development, mental and emotional development, were hit with this mack truck and shattered, as children? We don’t even do a good job addressing physical, non-sexual violence done to children; we do even less of a good job addressing sexual violence done to children. 🙁

    We have to change this.

  • azimuth5

    Why do the evangelical conservatives demand the highest standards but cannot live up to those standards?

  • kcwookie

    ”Graham’s easy dismissal of rape charges against a nominee to the highest court carries disturbing implications for our democracy.”

    More importantly, disturbing implications for Christians, especially Evangelicals. Rev. Graham describes a church without values or morals. I have to laugh, this is another reason pews are empty. Christians think they are under siege, but they really aren’t. They aren’t worth the time it takes to oppose them, their hypocrisy is a boat anchor hanging around their necks. Any good news they have was sold for silver a long time ago.

  • Rudy Schellekens

    IF Graham says that “attempted rape” does not matter, he might want to be introduced to “attempted murder,” and see if that does not matter, either. I mean, if all he gets away with is just a bullet hole in his arm, we should be good to go, right?
    For the law, attempted rape is a punishable offence. They Do think it matters. And it matters as much for a SITTING judge as it does for a nominated judge. So, IF this indeed is proven, Judge Kavanaugh should be removed from his current office, and definitely NOT be on the Supreme Court.
    HAVING SAID THAT, the press seems to have judged and convicted Judge Kavanaugh already. Neither accuser remembers important details. BOTH have “reasoned” their way into the conclusion, “Hm, can’t think of anyone else’s name. I went to school with Kavanaugh, so it must have been him.” NO court of law would accept that kind of reasoning. And, along those lines, no court of law would allow one of the participants DICTATE how the case should be handled, or when!
    Bringing in the FBI would do… what? In either situation, there are no witnesses (other than the victims and the accused). Those who have been named as witnesses have said the exact opposite (No, it was not Kavanaugh). Would that change if the FBI gets involved?? If so, we have a number of cases of perjury to add (Or., the current popular ‘lying the FBI!).
    The comparison to the Hill/Thomas case is invalid. Ms. Hill was very precise in her statements. It had been recent, she provided names, dates and places! But that is NOT the case now.

  • Kate Johnson

    Sadly, not at all surprised. Just a diseased patriarchy that desperately needs to die out.

  • It is getting harder and harder to respond on Patheos with all the adds trying to load. It keeps refreshing in the middle of posting. Disquis needs to do better. This is unexceptable.

  • jeffnkr

    Rape is wrong. I will gladly stand before God, and give account for this, but I feel that a man who has been legally convicted of the actual act of rape in a court of law (NOT the court of public opinion) should be rendered incapable of committing rape again. Attempted rape is serious, because there isn’t any difference between actual rape and attempted rape, as far as a perpetrator’s ability to decide to intentionally violate another person. In attempted rape, the desire was there, but the actual act did not take place. That, in itself, is dangerous. The perpetrator believes that the end justifies the means. That being said, as a man who has experienced the exceedingly abundant love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness of God, and the positive results of being figuratively covered by the Blood of Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit, I am very sad at what Dr. Franklin Graham appears to have said.

    Let me say, right here, that those of us who profess to know God in the way we believe Jehovah God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, wants people to know Him, will face a stricter judgment. Rest assured that, as a leader, Dr Franklin Graham will face an even stricter judgment than the average Christian. Therefore, let God deal with Dr. Franklin Graham. Trust me. It *won’t* be a mere slap on the wrist.

    The statement, “The perpetrator believes that the end justifies the means” can be applied to a LOT of people. Someone who alleges rape needs to be heard, but if the allegations prove to be false, then the alleged victim is the perpetrator is a person with an axe to grind, and should be prosecuted for making false statements deliberately designed to smear another person. Dr. Ford is making allegations about an incident that happened 36 years ago. By bringing these allegations now, Dr. Ford is choosing to remain a victim who believes that outside forces have more power over her than she has over herself. No one chooses to be a victim But remaining a victim IS a choice. Judge Kavanaugh didn’t get a SCOTUS nomination straight out of law school. He came up through the proverbial ranks. Why didn’t Dr. Ford make the accusations earlier? Dr. Ford is a PROFESSOR at a large university, and therefore is an intelligent woman who has had a lot of success. She knows what sitting on bad memories can do to a person. Even if what Dr. Ford says is true, it would not erase the memories from her mind. She would still have to make the choice to remain a helpless victim, or to draw upon the power within her, and overcome the memories and proceed with her life, doing what she feels is necessary for good mental health and well-being. (EVERYONE has hurt others and has been hurt by others. Many people who have hurt others did not intend to do so, in any way, but, nevertheless, the hurt happened and the consequences are permanent.) Dr. Ford didn’t have any way of knowing, beforehand, that Judge Kavanaugh would rise to the place at which he would receive a SCOTUS nomination. She could have (and IMHO, should have) brought these charges into the public realm, years ago, and prevented his rise to the top.

    Most of you who are reading this, have already convicted Judge Kavanaugh, have buried him, and to hell with the facts. What happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty?

  • David B. Miller

    Boz Tchividjian, grandson of Billy Graham is both far more wise and trustworthy a source on such matters than his uncle Franklin. Tchividjian is founder of GRACE (Godly RESPONSE TO ABUSE IN THE CHRISTIAN ENVIRONMENT) is a former assistant state attorney, who served as chief prosecutor in the Sexual Crimes Division, where he gained experience in cases involving sexual abuse, and later served as the attorney for the Child Advocacy Center in Daytona Beach, Florida. He wrote – “In my experience prosecuting and supervising thousands of sexual crimes, I never encountered a victim who misidentified a perpetrator she knew. The misidentification argument is a red herring attempt to discredit Ms. Ford.”

  • Roger Cary

    It is no wonder young people want little to nothing to do with organized religion. It is easy to complain about the absence of these and yet too many continue to follow such individuals as Franklin Graham, even lifting him up as a mainline voice for theology and decency. I refuse to support him in any manner.

  • People ask why Dr. Ford didn’t come forward before. There are myriads of reasons why. My mom was sexually abused as a child and didn’t tell a should for 40 years. She didn’t tell my brother or me until 60 years later after the perpetrator died. She said she lived with shame, fear, anger, depression, low self esteem for decades.

    For centuries, abuse victims would be asked what they were wearing, were they flirting, drinking, exaggerating, misinterpreting, are they SURE?

    Franklin Graham is interested in political influence and is hopeful that a conservative stacked Supreme Court will enact conservative morality laws and laws to weaken separation of church and state. It is ironic that he wants to legislate morality by supporting POTUS Pussy-grabber. Seeing the way many evangelical and Catholic leaders are against LBGTQ equality and are barely giving a hint of compassion to sexual abuse victims, is it any wonder that an increasing number of Millennials and Gen Z are staying away from churches? My kids’ teen friends stop going to church when they are old enough that their parents can’t force them, and many cited these reasons why. It makes me sad that some Christian leaders seem to be entirely focused on fighting culture wars.

  • Churches, on the wrong side of the argument with astounding frequency. Really, there should be no surprise. Churches and the major religions are preeminent examples of plutocratic institutions. Democracy and skillful critical thinking are no panacia, but if #allofus going to fail, it should be OUR responsibility.

  • kcthomas

    The enthusiasm of some politicians to defeat Kavanaugh shows all Americans specially all politicians are “ holy” without a blemish even from infancy. The arguments for and against are silly childish unfit for mature politicians.. Kavanaugh did not rape and the school children’s immaturity should not be taken seriously by mature adult politicians.Let the “ sex story “ of all the law makers be made public so that all can hide in the Atlanti ocean. Please stop silliness and proceed in mature and decent way.

  • Kurt T Simon

    Why do we continue to give a flying flip what Franklin Graham says about anything? It’s alway going to be non Christian and non pastoral. No surprise at all what he says and quite frankly, we need to move on past him and shake the dust off our shoes and focus on those who are making great changes in the name of God.

  • Phatpharm

    Unfortunately in light of the comments I’ve been hearing from some these “godly” leaders, I have a feeling that 100%have encounter domestic abuse and sexual violence, but those 10% don’t actually view it as such, after all a husband owns his wife and children.

  • Real City

    Specific laws vary by state, but sexual assault generally refers to any
    crime in which the offender subjects the victim to sexual touching that
    is unwanted and offensive. These crimes can range from sexual groping or
    assault/battery, to attempted rape.
    All states prohibit sexual assault, but the exact definitions of the
    crimes that fall within the category of sexual assault differ from state
    to state. The laws share some basic elements, but the structures,
    wording and scope of sexual assault offenses vary considerably, so
    always check your local statutes for specific questions. Maybe Mr. Graham should consult an attorney about his false and misleading statement.

  • Rita Shryock

    An analogy, if you will. Say you were looking for someone to come into your home and care for your children. You have an applicant in mind, but your neighbor tells you that the person stole from them, or had their friends over and drank all their booze, or was mean to the kids. Would you hire the person anyway? Would you protect the prospective babysitter’s “right” to a presumption of innocence, or would you protect your kids? Brett Kavanaugh is not being tried in a court of law. He’s being interviewed for a job. The job happens to be lifetime appointment to one of the most powerful positions in the country. Anything that might affect his suitability for the job must be taken seriously. And if the accusations aren’t enough of a red flag, the way Kavanaugh and his cronies are reacting to them certainly should be.

  • Rita Shryock

    It seems to me that the only “standards” demanded by conservatives is opposition to abortion and LGBTQ rights.

  • Paul Kushnerov

    Franklin Graham’s positions in the last two years are the reason I stopped volunteering for, and donating to, Samaritan’s Purse. I will not stand by any organization whose leadership denigrates and devalues the voice of women.

  • And I’m Cute, Too

    Rest assured that, as a leader, Dr Franklin Graham will face an even stricter judgment than the average Christian. Therefore, let God deal with Dr. Franklin Graham.”

    Meaning, what? Don’t hold him accountable for legally false and potentially dangerous opinions on the topic of rape? Don’t call him out for saying stoopid stuff publicly, while claiming to represent all believers? Why shouldn’t we? Jesus and John the Baptist weren’t shy about calling out religious leaders.

    “By bringing these allegations now, Dr. Ford is choosing to remain a victim who believes that outside forces have more power over her than she has over herself. No one chooses to be a victim But remaining a victim IS a choice. Judge Kavanaugh didn’t get a SCOTUS nomination straight out of law school. He came up through the proverbial ranks. Why didn’t Dr. Ford make the accusations earlier?”

    Would you also say the same things about Rachael Denhollander? After all, she waited years before she filed formal charges against Larry Nassar, and she’s still campaigning against those who shielded and enabled him for decades. Is she “choosing to remain a victim” as well?

    Even if what Dr. Ford says is true, it would not erase the memories from her mind. She would still have to make the choice to remain a helpless victim, or to draw upon the power within her, and overcome the memories and proceed with her life, doing what she feels is necessary for good mental health and well-being.

    What if reporting the SOB and telling the truth about him is part of what’s necessary for her healing?

    Most of you who are reading this, have already convicted Judge Kavanaugh, have buried him, and to hell with the facts. What happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty?

    That’s for a court of law. Courts of public opinion can draw whatever conclusions they like. And, personally, I haven’t convicted Kavanaugh, but I found him plenty distasteful before Dr. Ford’s accusations. Also, he seems to have lied under oath, so pardon me if I find his denials less convincing that Dr. Ford’s statements.

  • P. McCoy

    Glad to know that Franklin Graham got an unfriendly reception in the UK this week, with protests, counter rallies, anti Graham literature and ads and the Moslem communities complaining and protesting about why wasn’t he banned from the UK because his rants against Moslems and Islam constitute hate speech, thus they’re hate crimes.

    If Louis Farrakhan is banned from the UK, why was Graham allowed to enter?

  • TinnyWhistler

    I was reading some research the other day that indicated that reporting sexual assault and attempted sexual assault is actually detrimental to the victim’s mental health and ability to recover, in part because it often involves reliving the experience over and over under intense scrutiny.

  • C.D.

    You are really reaching to come up with that conclusion. But I guess that shouldn’t surprise me, desperate people try desperate measures. EVERYONE knows that woman is LYING! And lets check her bank account for the big, fat payoff she’s gotten. She was NOT sexually abused, assaulted, raped or any other buzzword you can come up with.

  • C.D.

    She didn’t come forward because it didn’t happen. Her story is vague and full of holes, unproven, unwitnessed, no datees, no place, no time, no clear memory, nothing. How stupid do you have to be to even entertain that a vague accusation paraded out to the media just hours before his confirmation vote is anything but a farce?

  • C.D.

    Where was Brett Kavanaugh convicted of attempted rape? Which judge handed down that sentence? Which police officer filled out the report and arrested him? On what date this this event take place? Where are the witnesses who collaborated her story? Hmmmmm…… none of these things can be answered because none of it happened. Stop calling him a rapist, stop saying he did it, stop acting like this is a closed case. He is innocent. Just stop. Democrats will do ANYTHING to stick it to President Trump, and this is their game. When all else fails, pull out the sexual misconduct card. It replaces the race card as the new go-to accusation, because everyone is supposed to immediately believe the woman and condemn the man. People are more concerned about proving the Anderson Cooper was not exaggerating about a flood report than they are about making sure an accusation of this magnitude is actually true.

    What if it were your son, brother, husband, father being falsely accused by a vindictive woman and his life were ruined by it, even though it was not true? There is no excuse for jumping from her vague accusation to labeling him a rapist. Good grief, where are all the intelligent, fair, honest women? Hiding behind vagina hats, I guess. Screaming about fairness when they aren’t willing to practice fairness themselves. His wife and daughters have gotten death threats, does that not bother you? If you think that’s ok, you do not deserve to be heard about this matter or any other situation like this. By not condemning the death threats and by accepting an accusation without any proof or hope of being true, you contradict yourself and have no credibility.

  • LuckyTN

    C.D.: So now you’re saying that you know this woman is lying. How is that different than saying you know that Kavanaugh is innocent. That’s why there are investigations. Allegations, investigations, determine innocence or guilt. We’re talking about a man who has been nominated for Justice of the Supreme Court not a job at the local car wash.

  • C.D.

    And why should she be believed over him? because she’s a woman? No. Because he’s a conservative? no. Because she has proof, witnesses, facts, time and place? Um…… no, she has none of that. But yet, we’re supposed to believe her and jump to her defense and consider him a rapist. It’s too perfectly timed to be believable. They pulled the same crap with Clarence Thomas. Its the same old same old, when all else fails, find a woman or 2 to pay to bring a sexual misconduct accusation. It’s pathetic, really.

  • First off, WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY. Secondly, Religious people have such a low IQ it’s no wonder people are leaving churches in droves. People no longer believe the silly forged stories written by men Decades later who had no knowledge of any of the deciples who’s names hey used in the various books. All myth.

  • corky

    She came across very credibly at the senate hearing.

  • The Mouse Avenger

    Indeed. (nods in agreement)

  • The Mouse Avenger

    That’s amazing to hear! 😀 Is he really Billy Graham’s grandson?

  • The Mouse Avenger

    I agree! I wish ads would only stay on TV & radio!

  • The Mouse Avenger

    Franklin disappoints his father greatly…

  • The Mouse Avenger

    Sold for silver…that’s a very nice analogy!

  • The Mouse Avenger

    That’s all a load of big, fat baloney you just spewed out of your piehole, mister! In other words, “Everything you just said was wrong!”

  • The Mouse Avenger

    And how DARE you talk about the Bible that way?! You should be saying that about the Book Of Mormon–now, THAT’S a REAL book full of silly forged stories!

  • The Mouse Avenger

    What the deuce are you smoking, as my little sister would say?

  • —Here’s my thoughts on Graham and I’ll throw in John MacArthur and his recent statement on “social justice” free of charge. There is more going on here than progressives vs conservatives. There is more than just politics as usual. While people generally divide along party lines there is a hidden religious power struggle at play among evangelicals. Borrowing a phrase from Fox News and Alex Jones, there is a fundamentalist Christian “Deep State.”
    —Personally I don’t think Graham gives a hoot about Judge Kavanaugh. He is a pawn in a larger game. He is a piece to advance the end game which is to retake evangelicalism for fundamentalists. We have already seen how evangelicals are willing to vote in a despicable president on the pretense of overturning Roe v Wade (which won’t happen). But evangelicals as a whole have short memories when it comes to the events that birthed the Moral Majority back in the 70’s. They are totally unaware of the racism that underlay the Moral Majority, of the ugliness of Bob Jones University and it’s segregation. They have bought into the whole pro-life narrative as the reason for the Religious Right, because that’s what findamentalist leaders like Dobson, Falwell and MacArthur wish them to believe. They are pawns.
    —So, yes Graham wants Kavanaugh appointed, but the fundamentalists have an even farther to the right nominee waiting in the wings if Kavanaugh fails, Judge Amy Barrett. The fundamentalist “Deep State” has been in operation ever since the Civil Rights Act of ‘64, when opposing desegregation became no longer feasible to posit as a “Christian principal” and they needed to go underground with the racism and substitute anti-abortion as the new battle cry.
    —The irony is that by the time fundamentalists like Graham or MacArthur have driven off most sane people from evangelical churches, there may be little of the evangelical church left for them to lead.

  • StevoR

    IOKIYAR applies.

    Bill Clinton has a consenual sexual affair – unfit for office!!1!ty! Impeach him!

    Trump brags about grabbing women by their genitals & kissing them without their consent … Shrug, never mind.

    Janet Jackson shows half a nipple for half a second* – moral outrage, appalling, frenzy of condemnation.

    Brett Kavanaugh & his friends attempt to rape women. Shrug, was years ago & doesnt matter.

    These stinking, hypocritical, slimy, utter obscenities of people.

    * When Justin Timberlake caused it at that.

  • StevoR

    Agreement with corky or with C.D. here, The Mouse Avenger?

  • StevoR

    C.D. none of what you wrote there is true. None of it. Aren’t you ashamed of lying like that? Haven’t you checked or tried to make sure what you have typed is right at all?

  • And I’m Cute, Too

    Oh, yes. His brother Tullian has turned out to be a narcissistic jerk and womanizer — and he’s been a pastor for years! Boz, on the other hand, seems to be compassionate, intelligent and decent. I’m glad he’s at the head of GRACE.

  • Mr. James Parson

    Hear, hear!

  • C.D.

    Please tell me where I lied? Her story is vague, unproven, unwitnessed, no date, no places, no time, no clear memory, nothing. So which thing is a lie? She even lied about being afraid of flying! Everything I’ve typed is true and easily provable. The only thing I”m ashamed of is a country full of gullible, non-thinking people who gladly call a man a rapist who has not done a thing to this woman or any other woman. Now, StevoR, aren’t YOU ashamed of being part of a culture that automatically vilifies a man on the the vague accusation of sexual misconduct as a teenager over 35 years ago by a woman who is clearly lying and clearly being used as a tool for the democrats?

  • I fully support teens attempting to murder Billy Graham.
    It doesn’t matter what they do in their teens, after all. /s

  • Why are you so invested in his innocence?

  • C.D.

    Why are you not? It is NEVER right to allow a false accusation to determine a man’s innocence. It sets a harry me and devastating precedence that any time someone wants to hurt someone or damage their career and reputation, they can just accuse them of sexual assault, and without any proof or evidence, the accused will be punished while the accuser get praised. You wouldn’t accept that in your personal life, how can you accept that for anyone? It’s wrong and it’s evil.

  • You appear to believe that we wish to avert due process.

  • David Cohen

    Its almost amusing how the people who made “lock her up” their unofficial slogan are now suddenly concerned with due process.

  • Widuran

    This is the ultimate in fake news and slander. Shame on the person writing this. Shame!

  • Barros Serrano

    Don’t forget arming kindergartners with Bushmasters and trashing the environment for profit.

  • Barros Serrano

    Other statements by multiple acquaintances of Kavanaugh confirmed that he was a mean drunk, highly misogynist, and generally the sort of entitled frat brat who would do exactly what Ford related.

    Ford’s testimony alone is not needed to conclude that Kavanaugh is a moral basket case and unsuited for the bench at any level.

  • Barros Serrano

    How quickly so many dismiss charges of sexual misconduct, or just don’t care.

    The “President” himself is a criminal sexual assailant yet no Republican seems to mind.

    The good which comes out of all of this is that the country may well wake up to the utter amorality of the GOP and realize that voting for corporate shills, however well constructed is their mask of Christianity, family values, fiscal responsibility, etc. (all lies), is voting for the devil. Germans learned this too late… let’s hope that Yanks show a bit more awareness than that.

  • Barros Serrano

    Due to the multiple accusations, and the testimonies of his acquaintances regarding his drinking, misogyny and temperament, I do quite reasonable conclude that he is unfit for the Court.

    As for “guilty” in a criminal sense, I am not judge jury nor executioner. My concern is that he should not be on the Court… but of course our GOP Senators (plus Manchin) haven’t the moral integrity to even concern themselves with his low moral character.

  • C.D.

    What kind of crap are you babbling about? None of what you said is true. The President is no such thing, you’re thinking of Bill Clinton.

  • C.D.

    It’s pretty obvious.


    You know, if you are going by a standard of evidence that concludes that Bill Clinton is probably a sexual abuser after 4 women have accused him:

    1. Juanita Broaddrick
    2. Paula Jones
    3. Kathleen Willey
    4. Leslie Millwee

    Brett Kavanaugh has 3 who have accused him, which is only one less than Bill Clinton:

    1. Christine Blasey Ford
    2. Deborah Ramirez
    3. Julie Swetnick.

    While Donald Trump has:

    1. Jessica Leeds
    2. Kristin Anderson
    3. Cathy Heller
    4. Temple Taggard McDowell
    5. Karena Virginia
    6. Mindy McGillivray
    7. Rachel Crooks
    8. Natasha Stoynoff
    9. Juliet Huddy
    10. Jessica Drake
    11. Ninni Laaksonen
    12. Cassandra Searles

    So I find it vastly amusing when you said to Barros: “What kind of crap are you babbling about? None of what you said is true. The President is no such thing, you’re thinking of Bill Clinton.”

    -it makes me wonder if you’re actually capable of self-awareness instead of being a chat robot.

  • Barros Serrano

    The evidence is clear that Trumpolini is exactly as I describe him.

    Bill Clinton had a sexual liaison with Monica Lewinsky, and is known to have philandered on other occasions. We have no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing on his part. That doesn’t mean i condone his behavior, but it is not anywhere near the same level as the evil behavior of the Orange Dictator.

  • Barros Serrano

    Due process is anathema to Republicans.

  • Goldarn

    Not that he’s a whole lot different. They both worship a mixture of church and state. It’s bad for the state and, as the people leaving Christianity are showing, it’s bad for the church.

  • Brandon Roberts

    pretty sure it does.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    Reality getting you down, hunh?

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    The double standard is STUNNING.

  • Widuran

    No it is a proven lie

  • cvryder2000

    And you know it didn’t happen exactly HOW?? Were you there? Secondarily, have you ever been sexually abused? Do you remember the exact day, time, circumstances, etc? How old were you? Did you tell anyone RIGHT AWAY?

    Yeah, I thought not. You’re trolling.

  • cvryder2000

    Him, his siblings, or Jerry Falwell Jr. either. Ugh.

  • C.D.

    Lol! I posted this 7 months ago, so it seems you are the one trolling. A little late to the party, aren’t ya? Trying to make a grand entrance?

    As was proven, she was not a credible person. Her story was made up. It didn’t happen. You can spurt and sputter all you want, but the facts are that she had no facts and no proof and no witnesses….nothing. Please do your trolling someplace else.

  • C.D.

    So obviously this OLD article has made its way back onto some social media someplace, so the trolls are coming out of the woodwork. Can you read? September 2018. This is OLD NEWS. It’s over. Move on with your life. And President Trump’s “accusers” are just as phony as Ford. Kavanaugh’s “accusers” have already been proven to be unsubstantiated as well as paid accusers. I guess real news is slow this week, so we are revisiting a dead horse? Your post is sad, because you actually believe that the false accusations are true. We call false accusations “Getting the Kavanaugh Treatment.” When false accusers are punished the same way that actual sexual abusers are punished, maybe people will think twice before making false accusations. But as long as the price is right, people will say anything. I’m sure Ford doesn’t care that she made a fool of herself, she is millions of dollars richer now. She fulfilled her purpose, to try to derail the confirmation of Judge Kavenaugh, but it failed miserably and only delayed his confirmation and hurt the plight of real sexual assault victims in the future.

  • C.D.

    Husbands only “own” their wives in Islam. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Joslyn Renfrey

    You tell me to “move on with your life”, six months later and out of the blue, and yet it seems that ford is still so prevalent in your mind.

  • cvryder2000

    Nothing of the sort was “proven”. It was a HEARING, not a trial. And several other witnesses against Kavanaugh did come forward but were ignored. So go take your chauvinist self back to the bar or the bushes or wherever you came from. And you didn’t answer the second question, which makes me wonder if you are an assaulter yourself. You sure are a big talker.

  • C.D.

    Give it a rest. I’m a woman, idiot. And I don’t take stock in liar women who come out of the woodwork at just the right time to make unsubstantiated accusations for the sole purpose of ruining a man’s life, or in this case trying to derail a qualified and respected judge (for 12 years NEVER a complaint against him) from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. And yes, it was proven that her story was vague, unsubstantiated, contradictory, and most of all convenient to the agenda of the democrats. The women who coerced her to make false accusations should be ashamed of themselves. And you should maybe get off the bandwagon and actually take a minute to see how unreasonable, angry, and knee-jerk you’re being rather than level-headed, mature, and reasonable. There was absolutely no evidence or credibility or agreement to her accusations, no witnesses, no date, no time, nothing but a vague and generic accusation. And the other accusers’ stories were the same—unsubstantiated, vague, and convenient.

    It’s hilarious that you automatically assumed I’m a man, but i guess independent thinking, intelligent and reasonable women are something you don’t come across in your bandwagon of man-haters. Women who falsely accuse men of assault are hurting the real victims and break down the credibility of those who have actually been abused. Now it’s time for you to chill and find another cause, because Ford’s 15 minutes have expired and Kavanaugh has been confirmed.

  • cvryder2000

    Qualified? I suppose by Koch/Mercer standards. What I’d like to know is who paid off his credit card debt and bought his 92K country club membership. HE certainly didn’t.

    And YOUR kind of woman is exactly what this planet doesn’t need. You sound like Marsha Blackburn, one of the most UNqualified people to ever be elected to the Senate. I don’t care how long she served in the House.

  • C.D.

    Hahahahahahahahaha! Whatever. Go put on your vagina hat and do some primordial screams at the sky. Your kind of woman is exactly what is destroying this country. I hope a man in your life, like your dad or brother or husband or son, is never falsely accused by a woman and has his life turned upside down and destroyed. And just because she’s a woman and he’s a man everyone believes her even though she’s making it up and just looking for attention and a payday. Bye.