#WomenLead at Faith in Public Life

#WomenLead at Faith in Public Life January 29, 2020

Defiant women change history. From the women putting their bodies on the line during the Suffragist movement to the Women’s Marches today, we’ve proven that our voices shake the world. And when women lead companies, governments and nonprofits, we all benefit. But according to a recent 2019 study of 329 organizations employing 13 million people, only one in five senior leaders is a woman, and just one in 25 is a woman of color. These numbers are shameful for our society.

At Faith in Public Life, the organization I founded and currently lead, we are not only working to change the world, but also investing in women leaders within our walls. Our leadership team is comprised of a woman CEO, a woman chief operating officer and three women vice presidents. Hailing from a variety of backgrounds and generations, they are leading the charge in the movement to put justice, human dignity and equality at the heart of this nation’s public policies.

Watch this video and meet the women at the helm of Faith in Public Life.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing interviews and candid conversations with our women leaders online. You can follow on Twitter by using the hashtag #WomenLead, or view on our website.

I’m inspired by the work being done every day by women of faith in communities nationwide. From the border to our backyard, women are joining in solidarity. Together, we will rise up and together we are changing history. Will you join us?

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