Christians’ Mission in the World

Christians’ Mission in the World April 11, 2024

Christians' Mission in the World / Image Courtesy of Enterprise College
Christians’ Mission in the World / Image Courtesy of Enterprise College

Christians are called to mirror Jesus in their lives, avoiding the adoption of non-biblical values and behaviors. Romans 12:2 teaches not just avoidance of worldly patterns. It also the transformation and renewal of one’s mind, enabling discernment of God’s will—what is good, pleasing, and perfect.  Christians’ Mission in the World is true and ordained by God.

Build Bridges, Not Walls

Believers actively take on the task of bridging societal divides, universally spreading God’s love. In John 17:15-16, Jesus explicitly prays not for believers’ escape from worldly challenges, but rather for their protection within them. Consequently, believers set an example by living lives untainted by the world’s corruption.

Act as Beacons of Truth

As Christians mingle with individuals of diverse beliefs, they ought to actively demonstrate the gospel through their actions, effectively serving as living testimonies. Moreover, Matthew 5:16 reinforces this call to witness, encouraging believers to radiate through their good deeds. This, in turn, leads others to acknowledge and glorify God.

Safeguard Spiritual Integrity

Christians must vigilantly maintain their spiritual health and steer clear of environments that could weaken their convictions. Proverbs 4:23 counsels believers to carefully guard their hearts, emphasizing its critical influence on thoughts, emotions, and actions, as it serves as the wellspring of life.

Foster Spiritual Renewal

Christians aim to spiritually enrich the world by steadfastly upholding their values, thus positively influencing society. Philippians 2:15 challenges believers to stand out, shine as moral and spiritual guides in a morally ambiguous world, and offer hope and direction. God truly ordains Christians’ Mission in the World.

A New Mindset

Christians, by shifting their mindset, challenge and change worldly patterns. They navigate life with God’s wisdom, choosing not to conform blindly. Their active engagement redefines their interaction with the world, guided by a transformed perspective.


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