Coming Wednesday on More2Life Radio: When Love is Not Enough

Coming Wednesday on More2Life Radio: When Love is Not Enough March 20, 2013

Today on More2Life Radio:   When Love is not Enough–We’ll look at what it really takes to have a great marriage.  It may not be what you think!   We’ll explore some of the lies people believe about love, discuss what love really involves, and identify the habits couples need to cultivate to keep love going strong.  Call in with your questions about love and marriage from Noon-1pm E/11am-Noon C at 877-573-7825.

Don’t forget to respond to our M2L Facebook Question of the Day– What lessons have you learned about love since you’ve been married? 

Listen to More2Life live weekdays from Noon-1pm E (11am-Noon C). Can’t get M2L on a Catholic radio station near you? Tune in live online at, listen via our FREE AveMariaRadio IPhone or Android App (Check your app store!), or catch the M2L Podcast!

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