COMING THURS to More2Life Radio: Kid Freak Outs! (Plus Win a Free Book! Details Below)

COMING THURS to More2Life Radio: Kid Freak Outs! (Plus Win a Free Book! Details Below) June 6, 2013

Coming Thursday on More2Life:  Kid Freak-Outs–Whether it’s tantrums, crying fits, panic, stubbornness or other displays, few things are tougher on parents than helping their kids through over-the-top emotional reactions.

Today on M2L, we’ll look at those times when your kid’s emotional temperature causes yours to rise, and explore strategies for handling your kid’s freak-outs more effectively.

Call in at 877-573-7825 from Noon-1 Eastern (11-Noon Central) with your questions about kid’s emotional displays.

Don’t forget to answer our Facebook Q of the D: What situations tend to provoke strong emotional reactions (tantrums,  crying fits, fear/anxiety, pouty shut-downs, etc.) in your kids?

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*Win a free book!  Every day you respond to the question of the day your name will be entered in a radio drawing to win a free book from the Popcak Catholic Living Library (over 10 titles in all)!  Again, each day that you respond you will get another chance at winning a free book in the drawing held every Friday on More2Life Radio.

This is a great way to get that title you haven’t read yet, or get a book for a friend who really needs it!  Enter every day to win.  This week’s featured title is:  The Marriage Made for Heaven Marriage Builder Kit (1 Leaders Guide and 5 Workbooks.  Use them to improve your own marriage or start a marriage building group with your friends or in your parish!)

Winners will be announced on air and contacted by FB message following the drawing on Friday 6/14.

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