Into the heart of God

Into the heart of God June 24, 2015

I took my 16 month-old daughter to the Atlantic Ocean yesterday for the first time.
IMG_7856Approaching the waves tentatively, she was mesmerized by the action of the rolling breakers.
The Celtic tradition honors and celebrates the Creator through creation.

God isn’t distant, judgmental and demanding – God is alive, immediate and accessible. Wading into the ocean, we step into the arteries of the Earth. The heartbeat of God, pulsating with life.
The ocean reminds us of the unharnessed, raw, eternal power of nature.
The same elements coursing through our bodies, supplying life, are the same elements surrounding, pulling, welcoming us home into the ocean, into the heart of God. Salt on lips, wind in hair, sea on skin, we reconnect to who we are.
The eternal connection with the sea is our timeless desire to find wholeness with our Creator. To be welcomed home to our infinite origins and infinite possibilities.

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