God in the world

God in the world January 16, 2016

Some Christians believe God in the world is only found here:
IMG_9298 copy
Others see God in the world here:

God is so much more.
God is this:
God is here.
God is as delicate as butterfly wings.
God is as soft and as strong as the water that wears away stone.
God is more than political rallies and platitudes.
God is more than Bible verses and bigotry.
God is more than what you think or believe or can even imagine.
God is more.
God looks like this, moving in the world.
IMG_7857 copy
God’s fingerprints in the world are all around us, if we look to see them.

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  • God is love and love is vulnerability. What a magnificent God we have; one who is willing to make himself so vulnerable because of his love for us that we are able to embrace him, see his face, love him, and unfortunately hang him on a cross. Oh that we would be so willing to be vulnerable for love of God first and others as well.

  • My journey started when I stopped worrying about a “god-shaped hole in my heart” and started dismantling the god-shaped box in my head. I love your simple idea that “God is more”! Thank you!