Hypocrites in the House of the Lord ~ And a Request

Hypocrites in the House of the Lord ~ And a Request February 13, 2020

I started Faith on the Fringe in 2015 because I believe much of mainstream Christianity misunderstands Jesus and interprets him in wrong ways.

Some cling to unbiblical understandings of scripture that make them feel comfortable or help to justify their bigotry. They claim to be Christians, but they obviously don’t live the message of Jesus.

Hypocrites in the House of the Lord.

There are more and more groups of Christians stepping up and calling out the Hypocritical Christians and turning to the true message of Jesus.

God loves us.

That’s it.

That’s the message of Jesus, and the entire message of the Bible: God loves us.

Those who think the message of the Bible is bad news for certain people are simply wrong. This isn’t what the Bible is.

The Bible is a gift from God who is telling us we are loved.

I started Faith on the Fringe to share this message with people who may or may not believe but who clearly see the hypocrites for what they are – really bad examples of Christians.

Five years after its founding, Faith on the Fringe Facebook has more than 25,700 followers.

The blog began on my web page, and was picked up by Patheos – reaching more than 88,000 views last year.

If you’re a regular reader, I hope you have been helped by Faith on the Fringe.

Today, I am a Christian asking for Christian Charity.

This is the first time in five years that I’ve asked for help like this — taking up a non-tax-deductable “collection.”

I am facing very significant economic challenges right now. I could use some help.

I won’t elaborate on the multiple reasons for the economic challenges – It’s not gambling debts or a trip to the Bahamas – If the reasons for my economic struggles prohibit your financial support, that’s okay.

If you’re willing to help, please follow this link.

A gift of just a few dollars would mean more to me than I can express. Thank you.

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  • bill wald

    Please don’t take offense . . . The most “Christian” denomination I have investigated are the old Plymouth Brethern, who denied being a denomination, didn’t have formal membership rolls, never took an offering at a public meeting, had no paid employees and half their budget ended up going to foreign missions. They held 2 meetings on Sunday, a public meeting and “breaking of bread” at another time.

    I was a member for maybe 5 years. My wife’s oldest best friend has been a member for over 75 years. She says our meeting has morphed into the SBC mold.

    Google J. N. Darby. He “invented” dispensational Christianity.