Abraham Lincoln – Born Feb. 12, 1809

Abraham Lincoln – Born Feb. 12, 1809 February 12, 2020

Abraham Lincoln was born Feb. 12, 1809 near Hodgenville, Kentucky.

He was born in a log cabin, Lincoln Logs were named after Lincoln.

This may or may not have been the actual cabin owned by the Lincoln family.

Probably may not.

By the time anyone thought to preserve the birth home of the 16th president, the actual building… was gone. Moved, actually. Or probably dismantled and long gone after 58 years.

So these are pictures of a cabin in the county where Lincoln lived.

Like Lincoln, I was born in Kentucky, and moved away to be raised elsewhere.

But I took these photos.

This is an underground stream where the Lincoln family drew water.

Lincoln’s mother died when he was nine and his father remarried.

Here’s the Lincoln family Bible.

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