A Novel Idea – Updates on a Debut Novel

A Novel Idea – Updates on a Debut Novel February 9, 2020

Of the dozen or so people in the world who know and care that my debut novel will be published in June 2020, here is an update. (I had more than 88,000 pageviews last year. A solid dozen must be interested in my novel, right?)

For those twelve of you who continue to read, welcome.

Faith, Hope, and Baseball: A Novel, is in production. The manuscript has been edited, reviewed, and edited and revised, and reviewed again. Any mistakes that remain are mine because I kept making changes.

“Good writing is rewriting.” – Walter Mosley.

Walter Mosley said to write and rewrite, and rewrite, and rewrite, until you can’t rewrite any more, and then it’s done.

I rewrite everything I write, because everything needs to be rewritten. (For more about my writing life, visit my Facebook author page.)

I’m absolutely convinced if I record the audio-book version, I will make changes while I record it. I would probably make dozens of changes and continue to rewrite while I spoke. I rewrite from the time I read the words to the moment I speak the words.

As a reporter, sometimes we have to settle for good enough because we don’t have time for perfection. So we shoot for as good as it can get in the time available.

Immortal Works publishing will release the book in June 2020 in print, audio and eBook. Small writers and small publishers don’t make a lot of money… none of us dFaith, Hope, and Baseball book cover.o. Just look at how often you buy $1.99 Amazon eBooks. Authors have to sell a whole lot of eBooks on Amazon to make respectable money.

So, in the time available, meaning according to the production schedule of Immortal Works, I’m done with Faith, Hope, and Baseball: A Novel.

Immortal Works is a small but a legitimate publisher paying to produce my novel. People I have never met, never spoken to, are spending money on my book.

It’s humbling.

It will be even more humbling when people want to pay their money just to read it.

I am now striving for a new level of humility, by asking readers to join my pre-launch team with early and special support.

I have several special thank you gifts associated with the novel, follow this link to learn more.

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