Maundy Thursday and Good Friday 2020

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday 2020 April 6, 2020

The baby born at Christmas is murdered on Good Friday.

Battered, broken and betrayed, the Son of Man dies a horrible death at the hands of humanity.

Like so many people, he is legally killed by the government — legally executed.

The men who hold the nails against Jesus’ skin are paid employees of the government.

It’s been said that all of humanity holds the hammer that drives the nails into Jesus. To this day, when we violate the teachings of Jesus, Jesus suffers anew.

Jesus tells us that how we treat strangers is how we treat him.

How often is Jesus prohibited access to food, shelter, health care, or the support of a loving family?

How often does Jesus starve to death?

When does Jesus face injustice because her skin is the wrong color?

When we allow strangers to suffer, we allow Jesus to suffer.

Jesus, the Son of Man, is all of humanity suffering at the hands of inhumanity.

But Easter is coming.

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