Avoiding Trump’s Nero Decree

Avoiding Trump’s Nero Decree November 5, 2020

On March 19, 1945, Adolf Hitler issued an order to destroy German infrastructure to prevent their use by the Allies. The order came to be known as the Nero Decree and was intended to leave nothing but scorched earth in the wake of the retreating German army.

The decree was deliberately disobeyed by high ranking German officers.

Hitler committed suicide 42 days after issuing the order.

In the weeks between the election of Joe Biden and the presidential inauguration on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, let us pray that the President of the United States doesn’t perform his own version of the Nero Degree.

In the days after the election, Trump’s legal team filed baseless lawsuits across the country, a type of legal scorched earth plan.

Having undermined the democratic process of the United States in the weeks before the election, Donald Trump continues to inflict inexcusable damage on democracy by undermining the public’s confidence in the election process. By calling into question the legitimacy of Biden’s election, Trump is trying to damage the country in ways that will last long after he’s dead.

Fortunately, just as the presence of God is written in the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ on the hearts of creation, so, too, are the spirit of fair play and Democratic ideals written on the hearts of humanity.

Scorched earth grows and life returns over time. The American experiment in democracy— the oldest democracy in the word, will survive a polarizing election and the baseless lies of a sociopath, because freedom and liberty are timeless ideals.

The majority of Americans, like the majority of Christians, believe in decency, fairness, and equality. They may be deceived and manipulated by immoral leaders, but in the end, eventually, let us pray they do the right thing.


Jim Meisner, Jr. is the author of Soar to Success the Wright Way, a motivational history book about the Wright brothers and the novel Faith, Hope, and Baseball.

Follow this link for more information about both books: https://faithonthefringe.com/faith-hope-and-baseball-a-novel/

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