Keep going. Press on.

Keep going. Press on. October 19, 2020

My new novel is 70,000 words.

The way I write, each chapter is its own document. So, for 29 chapters, 29 different documents. Any given time, I can have 10 to 20 different documents open. Some chapters, I’ve been revising for more than a year.

Today, I put them all together to create my second novel, and it’s 70,000 words.

My debut novel was released in June 2020. Four months later, my second novel is nearly finished.

I’m astonished.

Writing is difficult. There’s no way to fake it. You simply have to do it and keep doing it. Good writing is exceptionally hard.

It’s all made more difficult for me, because of personal issues. I have a learning disability that makes spelling difficult. Also, I am battling depression.

Right now. As you read this. I take three pills daily for depression, one occasionally for anxiety and another occasionally to help me sleep.

My therapist thinks my depression is made more severe by other things going on in my personal life.

And still I press on, trying to tell stories.

Novel one is published.

Novel two is nearly ready for a publisher.

Novel three is being written.

Novels four and five are outlines.

Novel six is more than halfway done, and I work on it intermittently.

What stories are you working on? What stories can only you tell? Don’t let anything stop you from telling your story.

Press on.

Keep going.

Press on and tell your story.


Jim Meisner, Jr. is the author of Soar to Success the Wright Way, a motivational history book about the Wright brothers and the novel Faith, Hope, and Baseball.

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