The FaithWalkers Daily — Dec. 19: Obama Pushes Gun Control, Mayan End Near, Report on Failure in Benghazi

The FaithWalkers Daily — Dec. 19: Obama Pushes Gun Control, Mayan End Near, Report on Failure in Benghazi December 19, 2012

The FaithWalker’s Daily is a quick review of key news stories of the day from the perspective of a conservative Christ-follower living in, but not of, the world.

  •  Calls for Gun Control Continue in Wake of Newtown Tragedy

The Basics —

Calls for greater government control of guns continued in the wake of the Newtown shooting with President Obama getting specific about his support for the first time.

Dig Deeper:

  • Via Hot Air: Obama will “actively support” an assault weapons ban. No surprise there given his clear anti-gun views in the past.
  • Key graph from AllahPundit: “This isn’t really about stopping the next Adam Lanza, in other words. Politically, for the White House, it’s about maximizing O’s leverage in future negotiations with Republicans on other issues by forcing them to take positions on this one that’ll further degrade their popularity and, by extension, their political capital.”
  • Via Detroit Free Press [HT Hot Air]: Michigan Governor Snyder vetoes bill to allow concealed carry in schools. The governor makes a good point that schools should be given freedom to choose their security policy. I would add that parents should also be given true freedom to  change schools if unhappy with that policy.
  • Via Buzzfeed: One of the most balanced looks at the role video games play in nearly every profile of a mass killer, including the reminder that the worst school massacre in the US involved 45 children – in 1927.

A Few Thoughts…

It’s human nature to want to push an easy button and fix any problem. It’s easy to think that simply passing a law that strips people of their freedom to own certain weapons will be a quick fix to stopping horrible tragedies in the future. But the Bible and history are full of examples to the contrary. A wise person will listen and increase in understanding, not jump to hasty conclusions based on fearful reactions. A Biblical worldview always factors the reality of the fall into every human equation. “The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?”

Cain didn’t kill Abel with a gun.


  • Mayan Prediction: End of the world on Friday.

The Basics —

According to a 5,000 year-old prediction based on the calendar of the extinct Mayan culture, something will happen Friday, Dec. 21 at sunrise. Some are predicting a catastrophic end of the world, others an era of knew understanding, while others believe the Cleveland Browns will begin a surprise march to the the Super Bowl. [Just kidding on the last one.]

Dig Deeper:

  • Via PuntoDigital: Both NASA and the Vatican say not to worry, though some people clearly are. “According to the newspaper, U.S. agencies have received thousands of emails asking for instructions on how to deal with the catastrophe that they expect, even people have threatened to commit suicide.”
  • Via France24: Argentina closes Mayan mountaintop fearing suicides.
  • Via the AP: Chinese cult claiming Jesus returned as a woman has the Communist government worried now. “It has been accused of targeting Christians, kidnapping and beating them to force conversions.” I think they’re referring to the cult and not the Chinese government although I could be wrong.
  • Via Reuters: Star Wars fans are enjoying the trips to the Mayan temples used as sets to launch Jedi attacks. “Visitors this week said they felt a powerful presence in the blue skies above them.:

A Few Thoughts…

That “powerful presence” has a name — God. And He’s already revealed Himself to us in the person of Christ and His written Word. “No man knows what is to be.” (Eccl. 10:14) Such Biblical wisdom should sound familiar to Christians in danger of being sucked into the end-of-the-world hysteria. And yet the irrational panic doesn’t seem all that out of place in light of the first story today. Fear can move us to do some crazy things. The Biblical solution? “Be still and know that I am God.”

Nobody panic until Tim LaHaye says it’s time to panic. Until then, look busy.


  • Scathing Report Today on State Department Failures in Benghazi

The Basics —

The independent review will be released today of the State Department’s handling of security in Benghazi where a US Ambassador and three others were brutally killed. The report will fault the State Department for failing to provide adequate security in spite of requests. [Correction: A previous source I had cited called the report an internal review.]

Dig Deeper:

  • Via The New York Times: Review will make 29 recommendations, five of which are classified.
  • Key quote from Times story: “The report affirmed there were no protests of an anti-Islamic video before the attack, contrary to what Ms. Rice had said on several Sunday talk shows days after the attack.” And President Obama said repeatedly to the United Nations.
  • Via the AP: No disciplinary action will be taken. So that’s what  Sec. Clinton meant when she said “I take full responsibility.”

A Few Thoughts…

The report confirms what many conservatives said repeatedly — there were significant security failures that led up to the tragedy in Benghazi. They were, at the time, accused of simply trying to score political points. Turns out they were right. But nothing will be done about it. Why is it when a crazed shooter kills children in a seemingly secure school, its the NRA’s fault, but when terrorists take advantage of our poor security — on 9/11, no less, and after repeated warnings — no one bears any consequences?  No wonder Sec. Clinton is feeling ill — and preparing for a Presidential run.

Failure — the new normal in national leadership.


HT: Drudge Report as simply the best news aggregator out there.

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