Jennifer Fulwiler gives a nod to My Peace I Give You with “Praying for People You Can’t Pray For”

Jennifer Fulwiler gives a nod to My Peace I Give You with “Praying for People You Can’t Pray For” April 1, 2013

What a beautiful surprise to find Jennifer Fulwiler (left), in her latest blog entry for the National Catholic Register, returning to the interview she did with me last year. Jennifer writes:

I know that it’s right and good to pray for our enemies, but sometimes the thought of certain people brings up emotions so raw and so overwhelming that it’s a near occasion of sin to bring their faces to the forefront of our minds. We all hope that we’ll eventually be able to be at peace with those who have harmed us, so that we can one day think of them with charity and grace. But that can take a lot of time — in cases of grave injury, a lifetime.

So how can a Christian pray for these kinds of people in the meantime?

I struggled with this question for the longest time. Then, last year I had the amazing experience of interviewing Dawn Eden about her book, My Peace I Give You, in which she shares her own journey of healing from childhood sexual abuse. It was a life-changing experience for me, as her wise words gave me an entirely new perspective on forgiveness, and finally offered a solution to my lingering questions about how to pray for people whom we can’t even think about.

Read the rest in Jennifer’s blog entry “Praying for People You Can’t Pray For,”—and, speaking of prayer, please put in some prayers for Jennifer as she battles a genetic clotting disorder while preparing to give birth to her sixth child.

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