TAKE ACTION: Tell feds, already probing Harvard on sex abuse, that “Black Mass” adds to hostile environment

TAKE ACTION: Tell feds, already probing Harvard on sex abuse, that “Black Mass” adds to hostile environment May 9, 2014

As I wrote earlier, the promoter of the Black Mass at Harvard has a long history of ridiculing victims of sex abuse. He does it under the guise of debunking “false memory syndrome,” but his attacks go well beyond debunking, using vituperation and ridicule against victims and those who seek to help them.

Here’s the deal. Harvard does not care about offending the Catholic Church. So the school is ignoring Catholic calls to dissociate itself from the hateful “Black Mass”–despite the fact that it would never dare host a desecration of the Koran, the Torah, and so on.

But Harvard does care about staying on the good side of the federal government, which is currently investigating the school for mishandling sexual-assault cases. Members of the Harvard community seeking to address the school’s insensitivity to abuse victims have formed a group called Our Harvard Can Do Better, saying that the school “has created and perpetuated a hostile environment on campus for many students and especially for survivors of sexual assault.”

What could be more hostile than Harvard’s giving a public platform to Doug Misicko, aka Doug Messner, aka Lucien Greaves,  who spends days and nights on Internet message boards telling sex-abuse survivors and their caregivers things like “the only molesting and raping going on is you directly taking form peoples wallets [sic] that are on medication and believe what you are saying is real.”

That’s not “debunking” false-memory syndrome. That’s hostility and aggression, plain and simple. Real victims’ advocates let the truth speak for itself. They don’t descend to vicious personal attacks and, without any evidence, tell people who claim to be victims that their abuse never happened.

Here is what you can do: Contact the U.S. Department of Education and tell them you want to complain to the Office of Civil Rights about Harvard’s creating a “hostile enviroment” by giving a platform to a man who ridicules sex-abuse victims. Tell them in your own words, or link to my post on Misicko/Mesner/Greaves. The quickest and best way to do this is to go on Twitter and tweet your (polite) complaint to the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. Make sure to copy it or retweet it to @Harvard@HarvardEXT (the Harvard Extension School sponsoring the “Black Mass”), and @TheCrimson (the Harvard student paper).

Also, call Harvard and call the Harvard Extension School and politely tell them about the complaint you are making to the federal government.

Again, Harvard does not care about incurring the Wrath of God. It does care about incurring the wrath of Big Gov–especially if that means losing Title IX funds.

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