It’s complicated to be a Generation X, Y or Millennial Christian in the 21st century. There can be a lot of gaps to bridge between our religious upbringing and the twists and challenges of our life journeys. There are certainly a lot of questions to explore as we adapt our faith to our daily life, and vice versa. Many give their Christianity a rest rather than expend the energy to hold the various narratives and experiences in tension.

But further, what does it mean to follow Christ today as a young, professional female? This is actually a serious undertaking. There are contradictions between ancient assumptions and modern realities to navigate, frustratingly painful stories to endure ad nauseam, sexist biblical mandates to reconcile with our current social positions, and a lot of focus on a bunch of quotable dudes who think they are waxing wise and poetic. So what does it look like to be faithful under such circumstances? One thing is for certain: denying our God-given leadership skills, intellects and intuition as women is not the answer.

If you are a woman who doesn’t submit — to intimidation, to the traditional model of the “good Christian girl”, to lies dressed up as Christianity, to the distorted mirrors and expectations the world holds up to our noses  — then you’ve found the right place. Let’s talk, think, and imagine a new world into being… one of respect, equality and a feminism that can still claim the “good news” of the euangelion that is central to Christianity. Let’s get Femmevangelical.

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