[Book Review] Global Warming & The Risen Lord

[Book Review] Global Warming & The Risen Lord March 3, 2012

by Brittany Bennett

I am truly astounded by how much has been put into this book. It is packed solid with the most accurate scientific information, true stories, and Scripture – yet it’s very easy to read. I can’t say it’s not challenging, but I really couldn’t put it down! I’m sure that you will be able to find the time in your busy life to read it as well, and will come back to it many times. I felt like I was literally taking a journey around the world and the Lord was holding my hand the whole time. I believe that’s because He was at all these places and He sees what’s going on. He knows all the people we meet and the places that are described. He also has a plan as ever, and that’s where we come in.

This is a book to unite generations and denominations into the Church that had the courage to walk with Jesus across the earth, and the faith to believe that there could be healing in the midst of global warming. It’s a strong bridge across the widening gap that the followers of Christ are called to stand in.

This book is written with the careful wisdom and understanding that most Christians simply didn’t know that the future would look like this. We’ve tried to live our lives in obedience to the Lord, we’ve enjoyed what we worked for,and we given what we can – but along the way we became distracted from an understanding about our impact on the environment, and the ways that our neighbors and other living things are struggling to adapt.

This is where I was a couple years ago. I’ve come to general understanding of what is going on and why I should care. The biggest struggle I have is wondering how I can be more faithful? How can I keep hope and know that in a few more years I won’t be devastated from the weight of these challenges? What does it mean to be a son of God in a world where millions are seeking refuge from a climate that is changing around them? How can I be in this world where these things are occurring, but not of it? What are the most accurate specifics about global warming? Where can I give? What can I do with my talents and skills? What can we do together?

So many questions friends! It is not easy to carry the cross down here, though it is an incredibly light burden compared to the alternative. Let me tell you that if you are wondering about these things too, please read this book. Don’t be afraid. I have faith that it will bless you and give you sustenance as it has me.

I thought that I had been hopeful, but I realized how little I’ve actually believed that the Risen LORD can so fully overcome. It is so easy to forget, but How good is He! How powerful and glorious is the Risen LORD that all our sin and weakness has been overcome! Many are the believers and great is the Lord. Let us walk together with Him as He brings redemption, and let us learn more about how we can love and care for all that He has loved.

Brittany Bennett is a recent graduate of Eastern University and has been actively involved with creation care.For more information on the book visit http://creationcare.org

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