Young Evangelicals on Climate Change

Young Evangelicals on Climate Change May 29, 2013

You won’t hear young evangelicals talk about polar bears when they talk about climate change. You won’t hear them talk about cool trends, big government, or anything else like that. Instead you’ll hear them talk about they need for Christians to see these issues through a biblical lens.

Check out this video featuring Collin Whitsett (it’s 12 of 12 on the playlist), who currently is traveling the world but is based out of Hastings, Nebraska, is an alum of the environmental studies program at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma.

“Climate change is really a people issue,” says Collin. “It is part of the way as Christians I think that we should respond to the world. I mean, to not respond is to say ‘we don’t really want to know what is happening in your part of the world. We’re not going to take the time to be aware or to care about that,’ and that’s just not okay.”

Collin continues: “It’s an expression of love to say ‘I’m going to watch how I live my life in order to make your life more livable too.’

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