April 28, 2021

…you know how the rest of the song goes, right? The title came to me when I was pondering the state of the world and all I could come up with is that everything is horrifying and I don’t know what to do about it. Read more

April 4, 2021

I’ve been thinking recently about how cultural traditions confer authority, and how in two realms – religion and dance – I see multiplicity dispersing authority (this will make sense after I explain it, I promise). Read more

March 28, 2021

Since I’m teaching First Year Seminar this year, I’m teaching academic writing skills through a variety of assignments…but of course, this is making me reflect on when and how I first learned to write. Read more

March 19, 2021

As a body scholar and feminist, I hunger for ways to explore and inhabit our bodies that are not bound by shame, and Sonya Renee Taylor’s book delivers exactly that. Read more

March 14, 2021

I just received a contract in the last week to stay on at my university, and I’m relieved to have at least that much stability while wondering what the future holds. Read more

March 5, 2021

As with any crisis, the pandemic is revealing various negative things about the social systems we inhabit. One that recently caught my attention is care: gendered care-work, institutions that pretend to care for us, and the omnipresent self-care advice. Read more

February 28, 2021

A lot of academic work is invisible and goes unrewarded…well, somehow a bunch of rewards just dropped into my lap all at once, so I thought I’d share them here (since my blog varies in its folklore content but that’s kinda my main profession, at least for now!). Read more

February 21, 2021

If you’ve ever chatted with a belly dancer from the U.S., you’ve probably heard some riff on the phrase, “It’s not sexual, it’s sensual.” Americans dancers have done a lot of activist work here…so what might the dance scene look like if we took on colonialism, too? Read more

February 14, 2021

The pandemic is making us all rethink many things; for me, a major point of reflection is the role of community in university life, and what to do when we are without it. Read more

February 6, 2021

Discussions about cultural appropriation have always loomed large in belly dance, especially its fusion genres. Here, I detail some important insights from workshops I recently took with North African dancers. Read more

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