More on the Gender Binary

More on the Gender Binary May 20, 2016

One of my friends and fellow sex-positive crusaders, Addison Smith, is starting a video series about gender. In light of the ongoing conversations about gender in religion, gender in bathrooms, and so on, I thought I’d share the first video in the series, which explains what the gender binary is and why it matters.

Highlights include:

  • a definition of the gender binary as a Western cultural construct (with context from ancient Rome and the Book of Genesis – as in, God made Adam and Eve with male and female bodies, and this distinction has defined men and women in Abrahamic traditions ever since)
  • a definition of genderqueer, an identity where someone rejects the gender binary in terms of how they experience their identity and expression of gender
  • the evolution of gender stereotypes and expectations, and how pervasive they are
  • the role of the feminist movement, LGB acceptance, and other identity innovations in breaking down some of the core tenets of the gender binary

Obviously it’s absurd, as Addison points out, to believe that we can predict who someone will love, how they will want to live their lives, and how they’ll behave and manifest abilities based solely on their gender. But that’s basically what the gender binary states. Which is why we need to be having more conversations about it.

I learned a few new things from this video, and I’ve been studying gender for over a decade! What about you?

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