Send Me Your Favorite Biden/Obama Memes. For Scholarship!

Send Me Your Favorite Biden/Obama Memes. For Scholarship! November 19, 2016

One of the few perks of the post-election fallout is this new meme. Please help me research it!

As you’ll recall, memes are a form of internet folklore, or traditional/informal culture generated about/on the internet. For example, I’ve written a bit about the #AskDrPence hashtag protest, more to amuse myself than to seriously research it.

Now that’s changing. The Biden/Obama memes have captured my heart, and I’m contemplating launching a research project on them.

I haven’t actually done much research on humor, so this is an exciting new side project for me. My folklore Alan Dundes worked with jokes a lot, primarily using Freudian theories to interpret them. I’m a tad too feminist for most Freud these days, so I’ll be finding my own way. This is also a great excuse for me to finally read Joking Asides: The Theory, Analysis, and Aesthetics of Humor by Elliott Oring, a folklorist well known for his work on humor (I bought the book at AFS and haven’t had a chance to read it yet, much to my chagrin).

I’ve seen the Daily Edge article and the NPR article. A colleague of mine is involved with the Digital Folklore Project and I’m hoping it proves to be a good resources (as of when I wrote this blog post, the link wasn’t working, and I have yet to bug my colleague about it to see what the problem is).

The Home Alone meme I shared here is one of my favorites thus far. It represents a thematic strand in the meme cycle I’m called “Trickster Biden.”

What are your favorites, and why? Feel free to toss links at me, discuss their content, and so on!

(I should note that I don’t currently have Institutional Review Board approval to directly interview people for this project yet, so I’m more in the crowd-sourcing/information-gathering phase of early fieldwork)

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