Sex Science in an Hour

Sex Science in an Hour August 22, 2016

If I could treat the English-speaking world like I treat my college students, I’d assign listening to this podcast as homework to everyone. Yes, everyone.

I mentioned Emily Nagoski’s book Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life  on the list of my top ten sex books. Not everyone has time to read a 416 page book, though, I get it.

That’s why sex educator Dawn Serra’s interview with Emily is so amazing: it condenses many of the best insights from the book into an hour. From why pleasure is so revolutionary, to how context matters in terms of both self-worth and partnered sex, this podcast is full of fantastic ideas. Nagoski dives into intersectionality, shame, consent, gendered bodies, trauma, soooo much good stuff, while the host brings to the table specific concerns about shame and fat bodies, which is a topic I’ve blogged about at length. And it’s also wonderful to hear Nagoski talk about her writing process (a topic dear to my heart) as well as her other writing projects, including her romance novel that was spitefully written in response to 50 Shades of Grey.

Nagoski summarizes other facets of her book in her TEDx talk, so I’d recommend watching that too. Both the talk and the podcast have some great tips for folks looking to better understand their physical response to sexual stimulus as well as conditioned things like shame and stress, though, so either way, you’re bound to come away with something that’s food for thought, or an actionable thing to make your life better, or maybe all of the above.

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