The War on Sex

The War on Sex November 6, 2016

If you know what to look for, the war on sex is everywhere. No, I’m not being euphemistic.

Photo by Klaus Hausmann. In public domain, from Pixabay.
Photo by Klaus Hausmann. In public domain, from Pixabay.

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation – which puts on the amazing Woodhull conference I’m always raving about – has just published a blog post called The War on Sex. It’s amazing and you should go read it.

The title brings to mind Dr. Marty Klein’s book America’s War on Sex: The Continuing Attack on Law, Lust, and Liberty, 2nd Edition (Sex, Love, and Psychology), which I highly recommend. And for good reason: both are sweeping considerations of how public policy, education, finances, and other sectors of society are profoundly sex-negative.

In the blog post, Ricci J. Levi makes a number of excellent points, linking the discrimination and oppression sex workers face to the discriminatory bathroom policies popping up everywhere to, my fave topic, sex education in the classroom. She writes:

The War on Sex is being fought in schools, where our children (those children the anti-sex folks are so concerned about!) are denied accurate education about sex, sexuality, pleasure, gender and gender identity.

It’s a sad state in society when people are systemically denied information. In the type of sex-positive society I’m trying to build, we would all have access to unbiased information about our bodies, gender, sexuality, pleasure, and more.

So, go read the post. And try to help end the war on sex in whatever way you can, whether through education, disseminating accurate information, activism, being nice to sexual minorities…whatever you can do, it’ll help. We need to start somewhere!

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