Because Yanking Funding from Teen Pregnancy Research Sounds GREAT

Because Yanking Funding from Teen Pregnancy Research Sounds GREAT July 16, 2017

It seems like the Trump administration is keen to kick disenfranchised groups while they’re down, such as the 25% of American girls who become pregnant by age 20.

Photo from Unsplash. In public domain.
Photo from Unsplash. In public domain.

Continuing with the dismal reproductive health news as in yesterday’s post, the Trump administration is pulling funding from programs that research teenage pregnancy nationwide. This will disproportionately impact teens of color and teens living in poverty.

It’s probably going to have a negative impact on health and quality of life outcomes, and it’ll also negatively impact research, as Jane Kay writes:

Health officials say cutting off money midway through multiyear research projects is highly unusual and wasteful because it means there can be no scientifically valid findings. The researchers will not have the funds to analyze data they have spent the past two years collecting or incorporate their findings into assistance for teens and their families.

There’s no way around it – this is going to be bad. And we’re not going to have the evidence-based research to help navigate our way into better policies moving forward.

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