The Terrifying Truth about the USA (And All of Us) That Trump’s Rise to Power Confirms and What to Do about It

The Terrifying Truth about the USA (And All of Us) That Trump’s Rise to Power Confirms and What to Do about It May 22, 2017

Before Trump became president there was room for debate about what and who we Americans really are. Not anymore. We know ourselves now because Trump is our mirror.

Before Trump became president there was room for charity when it came to considering who white evangelicals might be; how enlightened the “New South” might be; who and what the Republican Party is: the collective brain power of our country; the value of internet connectivity and disruption: the level of optimism about our future that thinking Americans might reasonably entertain—not anymore.

We now know that:

  • White evangelicals (81 percent of whom voted for Trump and still support him) are mentally ill individuals who have substituted their “Biblical” anti-science and fake-history paradigm for cognitive thought; that they suffer from a persecution complex believing that opinions (including actual facts) other than their own — about everything from evolution to women’s and gay rights — are a form of “anti-Christian” bigotry; that their only defense is to use government to impose a theocracy on the rest of the country; that they have sided with Vladimir Putin against their fellow Americans because he has “conservative” (read dictatorial) “values”
  • The enlightened “New South” is a sham and that the South is, at heart, as it was during the Jim Crow era and is still run by and for a white oligarch lynch mob of  nationalist and evangelical gun-toting paranoid racist bigots supported by unthinking white trash ignoramuses who vote against their own interests
  • The Republican Party is a white billionaire lobbying insiders’ club run by entrenched corrupt white nationalist racists and fact-free Ayn Rand disciples — often masquerading as “Tea Party” evangelicals — bent on literally destroying the social safety net and the global environment and that the GOP too have de facto sided with Vladimir Putin over American interests in an attempt to hold onto power at any cost and are now frankly and openly anti-American and even anti-democracy as they cover for Trump’s delusional brand of corruption… READ THE REST HERE
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