Best of 2019 #5: Is Donald Trump the “Chosen One”?

Best of 2019 #5: Is Donald Trump the “Chosen One”? January 3, 2020

On this third day of the New Year, I am grateful for many things–including the fact that my blog exploded into an entirely different level of readership during 2019 (double the traffic of 2018, which had been my best year)! Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the “Best of 2019” essays from “Freelance Christianity,” beginning today with #5 on my “most read and visited” list.

Last August, President Donald Trump suggested in an impromptu press conference on the White House lawn that perhaps he is “the Chosen One.” This prompted me to reflect on exactly what that might mean, an essay that generated a great deal of traffic and a number of interesting comments. Enjoy!

Is Donald Trump “The Chosen One”?

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