Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! July 4, 2018

On our collective natal day, I offer the following–shamelessly stolen from The Onion–for your Independence Day entertainment. Happy Birthday to us!

  • While drafting the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers roasted and ate one bald eagle every night
  • Many of the original Founding Fathers toured the world after 1776 to found several other countries besides the United States, including Thailand, Lichtenstein, and Uruguay
  • Many of the Founding Fathers opposed slavery, but, you know, not really enough to do anything about it
  • All of them were Caucasian
  • The Founding Fathers’ average net worth, when not adjusted for inflation, would make them among the poorest Americans in the modern U.S.
  • The Founding Fathers were all villainous traitors to the glorious British Empire.
  • One of the fondest memories many of the Founding Fathers wrote of was when Benjamin Franklin said, “John, can you hand me that pen?” and then both John Jay and John Adams looked up.
  • Though he didn’t tell anyone, Thomas Jefferson secretly hated liberty.
  • In today’s dollars, the Founding Fathers owe more than $25.8 million in back child support.
  • There were no Founding Fathers named Kevin or Ralph.
  • After briefly questioning whether such a stipulation could open the door to widespread violence among American citizens, the Founding Fathers decided to leave the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights, as it seemed pretty clear that it pertained solely to regulated military units and not to private ownership of military style assault weapons.
  • The Founding Fathers have never once rolled over in their graves.
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