April 3, 2020

The theocrats and their allies in government have been working us into a frenzy during this pandemic. Read more

March 31, 2020

Bill Donohue, the Catholic League’s resident bloviator, is once again tilting at straw men. Never one to stake his reputation on facts or data, Donohue’s latest piece focuses solely on the Freedom From Religion Foundation and is as windy as it is witless.  His first paragraph is completely wrong. The whole thing: Organized atheists, unlike most Americans who are non-believers, are more often than not driven by hatred of religion and the faithful. Their impulses are totalitarian: they would ban… Read more

March 27, 2020

The coronavirus scourge has kept us at the Freedom From Religion Foundation busier than ever countering the irresponsibility of theocratic officials. Read more

March 20, 2020

What a week! But we at FFRF know our work will transcend this situation with your support. Read more

March 13, 2020

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation haven’t let the coronavirus deter us. Read more

March 12, 2020

One wannabe Osteen, a right wing preacher named Jonathan Shuttlesworth, posted a video that called churches that follow medical guidance and close are “sissies” and “pansies,” with “no balls” who “got neutered somewhere along the line.” But in between his sips of Acqua Panna, this Patagonia-clad preacher stumbled on the truth when he asked of the basins bereft of holy water, “how holy is the water then? That should be a sign to you that your whole religion’s a fraud. Any faith that doesn’t work in real life is a fake faith. Totally fake.” Read more

March 10, 2020

A proposed bill to anoint the bible as the “official state book” in Tennessee is not only unconstitutional, it is also an affront to true religious freedom. Read more

March 6, 2020

We started off the week by convincing a Kentucky school district to adhere to the Constitution. Read more

March 6, 2020

Trump’s cabinet is full of Christian Nationalists like Pence who believe in the bible and not science. But it would be hard to pick a worse candidate to lead this effort. Pence was actually responsible for an HIV epidemic in his home state of Indiana in 2015. That’s not hyperbole, that’s the conclusion of scholarly studies.  Read more

February 28, 2020

Whether it is Sam in Vegas or our case in Puerto Rico, our appearances, achievements and announcements are all made possible only due to you and your patronage. Read more

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