Freedom depends on freethinkers

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is a membership organization. Freedom depends on freethinkers and we need your help. Memberships start at only $40/year ($25 for students), are tax-deductible and include a subscription to Freethought Today newspaper, and other benefits. Most importantly, your membership strengthens FFRF and our ability to promote freethought, reason and the First Amendment. We need you. Please join us! Freedom depends on freethinkers. 

“If you have had it up to here with faith-based initiatives, creationism and clerical prying into our private lives, FFRF is the organization for you. This scrappy group brings lawsuits against church-state entanglements and puts up witty billboards and bus signs promoting, well, freedom from religion. Reason’s Greetings!” — Katha Pollitt

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