The First Wiccan Opera: Wheel of the Year, Aquarian Age Wicca

The First Wiccan Opera: Wheel of the Year, Aquarian Age Wicca November 18, 2019

In a break from my usual Indo-European/Celtic recon programming, I must highlight something I really enjoyed: A well-disciplined Wiccan rite opera performed at Austin pagan pride day. It may not be the first Wiccan opera, but google shows no results for it so I’ll coin it here and now and be the first entry for the phrase.

I was highly pleased to witness this rite at our local pagan pride day. I led the closing rite, the pagan student alliance at the University of Texas led the opening ritual. And Aquarian Age Wicca performed the main rite. HearthStone’s, my grove’s, rites are highly musical but not nearly this theatrical nor as tight and well done as this was. I was told that our musicality helped inspire this rite, and what this rite has done for me is give me a boost conceptually on a few things such as the incorporation of dance for people who can only skip and bang on a drum. Little gems like this really decorate sacrificial acts of praise.

In Isaac’s “Neopagan Rites” there are chapters for each of the things incorporated here. The entire book is embodied in just these 15 minutes.

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