arise from vapoursArise from Vapours
by Jean Pagano
Publisher: AuthorHouse (March 16, 2005)

Arise From Vapours is a poetic m¿lange that combines short pieces, haikus, collected trilogies, and a number of longer “journey” works that explore and describe this poet’s view of the world in passing. The images range from the sublime to the Divine and all points in between. Arise From Vapours is dedicated to the Muse; sometime lover, sometime quarry, sometime Goddess, yet always the inspiration. She is what feeds the poet’s soul Jean Pagano’s poetry is the most earthy, new-age muse driven style I have ever been blessed with for reading. Jean’s writing gives the reader something that very few can, peace of mind. After reading any of Jean’s poetry I come away with a renewed sense of calmness and re-charging of my spirituality.—Ginger Meeder, Author of Circumstantial Voice, also available via”





willow flowWillow Flow A Collection of Journeys
by Jean Pagano
Publisher: Dark Moon Press (2016)

Deeply spiritual and moving, Willow Flow is a wonderful collection of poetry penned by the Archdruid of the ADF, Rev. Jean Pagano aka ‘Drum’. Drum’s work will entrance you beyond this world and force you to contemplate your place in the Universe. Rev. Jean Pagano, also known as ‘Drum’, is an author, a poet, and a deeply spiritual man. Drum was raised in the Chicago area by French parents; he is both an American and a French citizen. Drum also holds both a Master’s and Ph.D in philosophy. The author is the current Archdruid of the ADF, and is the acting President of the ADF board as well. Drum serves as both the organizations administrative and spiritual leader.