Please Try This At Home

Please Try This At Home April 30, 2020

Please try this at home.

Many of us are self-isolating due to the COVID-19 crisis. This has given us a chance to catch up on activities that we have perhaps neglected in the past or that we just are behind on in the present. While catching up and coming to balance is very important, we also have an opportunity to establish new habits and methodologies that we perhaps were not employing and enjoying before.


One of these habits or activities is devotionals.

I often speak about devotionals because I think it is important to do throughout the day, every day. There is no requirement to do so, but I think if we look at our lives, even I times of challenge, we can find things that we are thankful for.

The need for devotionals is often hard to comprehend in our digital age. Electricity makes every that we desire come to life. If I want something, I turn it on. While this assuredly the case for appliances, it is not the case for spirituality.

ADF has three hallows that are at the center of its practice, typically the well, the tree, and the fire.

The Three Hallows

These three hallows are comprised of entities that many pagans have close at hand: bowls, plants, and candles. In my daily practices, for my devotional workings, I have a cup, a stone, and a candle. The cup represents the well; the stone represents the tree or nature component, and the candle represents the fire. The stone is taken from Hittite practices and is called a Huwasi stone.

A devotional

When I do my morning devotional, I take water from the cup/well and anoint the stone/tree by saying:

I welcome to you,
My Lares,
I welcome you to another day
Of friendship and peace.

Thank you for watching over
My home,
My hearth,
And my family.

(Lares are household spirits, in the Roman pantheon).

When the COVID-19 pandemic brought us all indoors, I decided to do a daily healing devotional which calls out to Brighid, a goddess of healing from the Irish pantheon. I posted a video of this devotional on my Facebook page.

All that is needed for this devotional are matches and a candle. I prefer matches to lighters for no other reason then I like to hold the flame on a match between my fingers as I light the candle.

A Prayer

I say these words:

I make this offering
Of fire
To you,

Please protect those who are well
Please heal those who are not
Please send blessings all around.

What I like about this devotional is that it is universalizable. You can substitute any name for the deity named in this prayer. I also believe that while prayer begins with the individual, the natural progression of prayer should be on a larger scale than for just one or a few. This prayer asks for protection, for healing, and for a universalizable blessing. I like to say it on a daily basis and I feel that it makes a different not only in the area where the light of the flame is cast, but as far as the blessings can go.

Please try this at home

So please, try this at home. While it seems possible that many individuals will continue to stay close to home, take a small piece of your day and work a devotional. You may use the one listed above. You may create your own. You can use one you found someplace else.

I believe that you owe it to yourself and to your practice to do. I believe that once you embark on this route, that you will find many other opportunities to incorporate devotional practice into your daily life, your living and working spaces, and even in the locations outside in the world around you.

If you need any help or information in setting up such a practice, please drop me a note. I would be more than glad to help.

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