M.W. Hemingway

I’m the guy married to the Divine Mrs. Z. But here is some information about who I am, other than that important fact.

I’m originally from Bend, Oregon. I am a Missouri-Synod Lutheran, like my wife, and am interested in all things relating to Lutheranism and small-o orthodox Christianity. However, I’m an adult convert. I was raised Mormon and much of my family are still practicing LDS. So while I no longer wear my CTR ring, in the last few years I’ve found myself increasingly invested in understanding my former church (and even frequently defending it against a great deal of misinformation).

I’m the online editor of THE WEEKLY STANDARD. Before that I was at the the editorial pages at The Washington Examiner and atNational Review.

That will, it seems, get you plugged on “30 Rock.”

However, throughout my career, I’ve worked in a number of mainstream newsrooms and at a wire service — Market News International — in far less ideological contexts. In a professional context, I value quality, accurate, balanced journalism above litmus tests.

As a regular reader for years, I’m well aware of the impact this site has had in raising the level of journalism on the Godbeat, so I’m happy to be here.