What is Spirit-Reality?

What is Spirit-Reality? August 28, 2017

Pentecost ceiling San Marco MilanWelcome to Spirit-Reality!

If you’re like me, everyone you know is interested in spirituality. But everyone has a different take on just what this means.

Every Christian you know is also probably interested in the Holy Spirit.

And yet not many people come to the obvious but soul-blowing conclusion that “spirituality” is really “Spirit-uality,” life in the Spirit.

And so I want in my new blog to explore Christian Spirituality, or life in the Spirit. In a way, it’s the culmination of my life’s work, as I draw together the things I’ve written, am writing, and will write about life in Jesus Christ and, therefore, life in the Spirit.

Over the years ahead (yes, I have a Master Plan!) I hope to write about the following:

– the meaning of spirituality

– the truth behind the phrase “I’m spiritual but not religious”

– Trinitarian triads and Trinitarian spirituality hidden in plain sight all throughout creation and culture

– a Trinitarian definition of religious identities

– an entire scheme for Christian Spirituality

– book reviews of books on psychology, sociology, change, influence, habits, addiction, the science of excellence, personality tests, etc. that can all be seen as consistent with an authentic Christian spirituality

– worship, prayer, and “going to church”

– suffering

– technology, the arts, and spirituality

In my next post I’ll tackle that ubiquitous slogan: “I’m spiritual but not religious.”


Pentecost, San Marco Milan – By permission of copyright holder

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