Luke 16:1-18 – Jesus and Money

Far from condemning money, money is one of Jesus’ favorite subjects! [Read more…]

Luke 15: 11-32 – But what about me?

Gee, all I had to show was a life born into a good Christian family that was a very slow and gradual line upward and no dramatic mountains or valleys. [Read more…]

Luke 15:1-10 – Lost and Found

Who wants to make the angels clap and shout and sing with me? [Read more…]

Luke 14:25-35 – The Price of Admission to the Feast

They lied to us. [Read more…]

Luke 14:15-24 – Jesus Liked Feasts

Jesus liked feasts. [Read more…]

Luke 14:1-14 – Humility

The real opposite of love is . . . [Read more…]

Luke 13:22-35 – Are you Willing?

What do you will? [Read more…]

Luke 13:10-21 – Healed of Our Infirmities

The Healing of your infirmities [Read more…]

Easter Monday – Luke 24:1-12

Fact: Jesus Christ rose from the dead. [Read more…]

Holy Saturday – The Gospel of Suffering, Part III

The 3-fold movement of “The Gospel of Suffering” is this: That far from being a sign of God’s non-existence, apathy, or impotence, human suffering is transformed by Christ’s Incarnation into a sign of God’s presence, love, and power. That because Christ has become man and suffered to redeem man, suffering is a primary means of [Read More…]