Apparently, St. John forgot the rock and roll. I mean, the sex and drugs (alcohol) are here, so where’s the rock and roll to complete the unholy trinity? Read more

What if we saw Revelation 16 as applying not just to the enemies of God, whether first-century, present, or future, but saw it as applying to the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross? Read more

Although it may not be clear exactly what St. John is talking about in Revelation 9, one thing’s for sure: I don’t want to be a part of it! Read more

What we are seeing, it looks like, is the true heavenly worship of which the Old Testament worship was a copy (see the book of Hebrews). Read more

There was no Golden Age of the Church, whether the early church, the early medieval church, the Reformation, or any other place and time. There is no Golden Age of the Church, for the evil will always be among us. But on the other hand, every age is also the Golden Age of the Church, Read more

Do not go home unchanged. Read more

Because Christ has become man and suffered to redeem man, suffering is a primary means of participating in God’s nature and being united to Him. Read more

Practice being worthy of the holy kiss of Christ, while not neglecting to learn true theology. Read more

We all want desperately to belong. Read more

I’ll bet when those who want to avoid the judgment of God make up their mental lists of Top Ten Wanted passages of the Bible that Romans 1:17-32 is Public Enemy #1, or close to it. Read more

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