There Is No Hate Like Christian Hate

There Is No Hate Like Christian Hate April 24, 2024

I kept wishing he would turn, change lanes, and just go away. He would not. I was behind a hate-filled Christian. On his back windshield were two stickers. One was a scripture quote, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.” The other was Donald Trump dressed as Calvin from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip urinating on the name Biden. If I was this person’s pastor, I would be ashamed.

All About The Hate

Oddly enough, this is not about Trump or Biden. I am writing about the hatred expressed while trying to cover it with humor. We act as though bad conduct is excused by amusement. And that should bother every Christian. Cruel humor is still cruel no matter who laughs at it. Christian conduct does not allow for it.

I doubt the person is as excited by Trump as he is motivated by hating Biden. My guess is he supports Trump because he believes the former President is on his side. We tend to vote that way. Since the election in 2000, the right wing in American politics has steadily declined into hating for its own sake.


If Muslim terrorists hate us, should we hate all Muslims? Answering this question is too hard for some American Christians. It is pitiful. Well, one may ask, is it alright to hate only the terrorists? President George W. Bush never once asked Americans to despise Muslims. Yet, certain Christian media outlets argued we should. My own parishioners continued to believe President Obama was a Muslim. It was easier for them to object to him for that than because he was black.

The fact is Muslims are scapegoated for the evils we see in our country. It is easier to hate than to admit responsibility and repent. After striking the servant of the High Priest to defend Jesus, Peter denied him three times. Why? Because he never repented his violence or pride. If we do that we lay aside bravado for courage.

Bravado and Love

Bravado is a product of sinful pride. Love is therefore the opposite of bravado. We do not like believing we hate. Therefore we try covering our hate with expressions of love. We claim love of country to hate refugees. We say we love Jesus as an excuse to act hatefully against others we deem unchristian. These are expressions of pride or hubris so we can feel better about our desire to hate.

There are too many people claiming to be okay with Jewish people but hate “Zionists.” Believing we should kill as many children as possible to get at Hamas terrorists is insanity. The same attitude occurs when we attempt to minimize the suffering of one group by saying another group has suffered more.

Bravado is a lie. It is borne of pride and denies truth.

To The Person Driving In Front Of Me

We are both human beings. Our perspectives are shaped by our experiences. I do not know yours. But no parent wants their children exposed to your hatefulness. I feel sorry for your children if you have them. While you are out here trying to appear humorous for people who think like you do, stop intimating you follow Jesus. It is not that one of your stickers is a lie, both are.

However, if you take the one about believing in Jesus seriously, please consider if your belief reflects your actions.

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